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Monday, September 29, 2014

How To Make Your Bras Last Longer

Hello Divas!!!

Bras are expensive. Well at least the good ones are. The ones for those of us with larger breasts CERTAINLY are expensive. The bad thing about them is that no matter how much you paid or how well you take care of them they tend to lose their shape or supportive capabilities.

But have no fear. There are a few simple things you can do to make the most of your bras and ensure they retain their shape.

1. Stack your bras.
Yes ladies, you need to stack your bras when you store them. You can do this by simply placing them in the drawer with the cups of one nestled in the cups of the other. When you are done they should look like bowls (or cups ha ha) that have been stacked and then placed on their side.

You can always buy a bra separator like the one shown below but I believe you can achieve the same thing if you just do it yourself.

The other thing is that you will lose some storage space because of the gaps between the dividers.

2. Rotate your bras.
Now I don't mean that you should hold the bra by the straps and swing it about your head. No...rotate means that you should have enough bras that you are not wearing the same ones constantly. You should really wear a bra about two to three days and then wash it. If you sweat a lot and you are wearing it all day then you might need to wash it after only one use!!

If you are on the 2 day cycle then you would need about 4 bras for the week.....not counting what you wear at home when you get off school or work. So if you are on a 4 bra cycle then you would need to have at least 5 bras so that the first one for the current week does not automatically get worn again during the second week. That is just  suggestion though!!!

Yes you need to give your bras a break. Do not wear the same bra continuously..let it rest for a while as you wear the others. I have heard people say you need to give your bra 48 hours to rest...but I do not strictly believe this.

If I can get by on less than 7 hours of rest so can a bra!!!

In any case, have multiples if you can so that you avoid wear and tear.

3. Hand wash your bras.
Yes I know this one is a pain...and I actually only do it for ONE of my bras. It is good tip though and if you only wear the bra for two days it should be easy to clean by hand washing.

4. Air dry your bras.
Another pain in the nether regions...but it helps so much. The heat from the dryer is so bad for your bras as it breaks down the elastic.

The best thing is to place your bras on a flat surface to dry if you can. Of course if you live in an apartment or anywhere that you cannot get good circulation you run the risk of an eternity of drying time...or improper drying.

Those are just a few tips to help care for your bras...share your best bra tips here!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fairy Dust Mani Crush

Hello Divas!!!

I have a serious crush on this manicure done with fairy dust!!!
It is so pretty with the gradient and then the fairy dust just makes everything pop! What is even more amazing is the creator's husband actually gave her the inspiration for her nail.

Sleeping Beauty gradient manicure

Go check it out here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nalgene Water Bottle For Hydration

Hello Divas!!!

It is important to stay well hydrated to keep your skin looking moist and plump. I usually carry water bottles with me and fill them up at home and at work when I can.

I live in a place with hard water that is also not the best quality. Many people choose to buy bottled water but I invested in a water filter and prefer to carry my own water. I had a bottle that worked quite well for a few months. I would use it for about three days before washing it everything was fine.

Recently I noticed that it would smell odd after just one day of use no matter how well I washed it. I guess that means it is time to get a new bottle so I bought another one. This one a metal cover and it would smell funny after just one day as well.

I heard about these Nalgene bottles that supposedly solved the problem so I decided to try one. It holds 32 ounces which is about half the suggested water intake for the day. This means I will have to drink two of these to get the suggested hydration for my daily needs.

I hope these can last a couple of days before smelling bad like my first bottle did. In any case I will just get another one and use one per day and wash every night so it can be dry and ready for the next day.

Bottoms up!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shopping Haul: Blue Bags!

Hello Divas!

I recently went on a shopping trip as I wanted a small purse or wristlet for those quick trips. I needed something I could put my phone and keys in for when I needed to just run out quickly but did not feel like carrying a larger purse.

I found these two beauties at Target and I instantly fell in love.

Here is the wristlet.

It is just the right size to throw my phone in and it can also hold my keys and lip balm! It simply slides over the wrist and cost $12.99.

Here is the body bag.

This one is a little bigger than the wristlet and can hold more items. I think it is perfect for a night out when I may carry a few more items but not enough to need a big purse. My tablet can also fit in this bag so I may use it for some days when I have class.

The cross body bag is a sea foam green while the wristlet is a powdery blue. They are both made of this soft leather and feel quite luxe and just right for a diva!!!

Happy shopping everyone.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Healthier Breakfast

Hello Divas!!!

In the spirit of eating better I am trying to get more fruits and vegetables into each meal. This involves a bit of prep before hand as I like to get everything washed and portioned I can just grab a portion for each meal.

In the past my breakfast would just be a cheese sandwich and some tea.

As you can see I have added some  carrots and cherries to the breakfast. I also reduced the cheese by using grated cheese instead of slices. This has reduced the cheese by about half!!!

I am also using DanActive probiotics as I heard active cultures help with digestion and can aid weight loss!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Staying Motivated to Work Out is HARD!!!

Hello Divas!

I am finding it so difficult to stay motivated to get going with the exercise. I have a really easy set of things to do...all I planned on doing is walking 20 minutes on the treadmill on alternating days. I also set to do 10 minutes of abs and yoga on the days that I am not doing the cardio.

I always start off well and make it to the third day and something happens and I quit on day 4. I will pick up again two days later but always end up falling off the wagon.

I know intellectually that I need to exercise but I am just finding it very hard to stay motivated to do it all.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

CoverGirl Colorlicicious Lip Gloss

Hello Divas!

I just bought a tube of CoverGirl Colorlicious lip gloss in Fruitilicious and I am thrilled with the purchase. I have always loved fuchsia lip gloss and wanted to wear it but could never really find a shade or formula that I thought looked good on me.

I came across the CoverGirl Colorlicious in Fruitilicious and while it does not look very nice on the site it is a vibrant shade in the store.

I used it once I got home and I am completely in love.

The formula is very smooth and it smells GREAT. It is not sticky or greasy and provides a sheer yet pretty color on your lips.

Best of all it looks great on me and has now been added to my collection of favorite glosses. You can pick this up at your local Walmart or you can use the link below to buy from Amazon. Please note the link below contains my affiliate link so I will receive a commission if you purchase after using it.


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