Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More adventures with Waxing

I thought I had a pretty good handle on the waxing procedure with waxing my underarm area so I decided to move on to another area.

I think anyone who has tried waxing has heard of the Waxing My Hoo Ha horror story. It details the experience of a lady who tried to wax her hoo ha and what happened.

I did not think my experience would be like that because I was going to take more care with the wax. I decided to try a small area just south of my navel...before tackling the more sensitive parts of my lady bits.

I put the wax strip on, held the skin taught and let it rip.


After the stars cleared up from my eyes I saw that the strip had only come off about halfway. There was hair sticking to it so all was not lost.

I decided that I could not go through with this so I carefully peeled off the rest of the strip and applied the soothing oil.


I will stick to depilatory cream for my lady bits.

I also found some interesting information on Waxing the Lady Bits and Brazilian Waxing. The comments are good too.


Mandy said...

Oh myy, I mean at first your story sounds painful enough and then I read the other one and wow, ... I am speechless.

Btw, see you're a fan of Xiaxue, me too! (:

CHARMED said...

ah! your courageous! I never dare to try... it seems too painful to wax down there... the skin is just too sensitive... I'm with you with the depilatory cream!

Diva In Training said...

Hi ladies!
I thought it would not be so bad because the underarm waxing was not so bad. It hurt but I did not faint or anything.

I did have some pain but then it seems that each time I did it the pain was less.

I read that if you do small areas it hurts less so I cut the strip small. But the hoo ha and the underarms are two VERY different areas.

@ Mandy: Xiaxue is actually who inspired me to start blogging. I have brown eyes and wanted to try colored contacts and found a post she did about her contacts...and I was hooked. She is funny.