Monday, February 18, 2008

How to Be a Diva

Now before you go shaking your heads at me take a little time to think of what Diva means.

I am not talking about someone who is mean and spiteful.

Diva here means a classy lady.

A lady who KNOWS that she deserves the best. A lady who will not accept below standard treatment.

A Diva is a lady who is ambitious and driven and works hard for what she wants.

A Diva always looks stunning!

Tip number one for all you lovely Divas out there:

A Diva MUST Always wear lip gloss!

I do not care how you are feeling or what is going on in your life. Lip gloss always makes you look much brighter and prettier so don't ever leave home without lip gloss.

You can do without the lipstick...but always carry your lip gloss.


Anonymous said...

Since u won't aprove of my hasty comment Ill lie for u..! The information is good it's helpful.

Anonymous said...

I loved it thanks for the help