Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 Tips To Great Skin

Hello Divas!!

One of the ways to recognize a REAL Diva is by her skin. We don't need to spend TONS of money or even lots of hours....but doing a little bit every day will help you get and maintain the flawless skin that we are known for.

Shun the sun.
Yes it is great to have golden glow if you are lighter skinned but bear in mind that the sun can have some harmful rays. Too much exposure can lead to uneven skin and even worse...cancer.

Use a bronzer to get that beautiful color if you want it. If you are darker skinned PLEASE wear sunscreen.

Many of our darker skinned ladies believe they will not get sun damage but this is false. While the melatonin does give you more protection than the pale skins, it is NOT 100%

I cannot stress enough the importance of exfoliating. Your skin naturally sheds but you can help it out and reveal the younger looking skin below.

You do not have to strip your skin, just use a mild loofah in the shower and you will be well on your way.

Dry, cracked skin is NOT cute. Your skin will be prepped to absorb the moisture after a session of exfoliating so go ahead and use that rich lotion and get your skin glowing!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 22 Is No Panty Day

I have been seeing this trending all over facebook and twitter recently. It says that June 22 is No Panty day....after the funny trend of No Pants Day.

I have seen some people say that it is a joke and not a real thing like No Pants Day.

Either way I was a bit disturbed by this and wondered if any of you divas will be taking part in this event.

Would you go the whole day without wearing any panties?

I know that I certainly will not be doing this as it just feels weird to me. I always wear panties even if I am wearing pants or a skirt. I like the feeling of knowing my underwear is there in case something happens to my clothes.

Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to fall and have nothing to cover up your lady bits?

I think it might also be a little bit uncomfortable to have a thick material like your jeans rubbing up against your delicate bits without a protective layer of underwear.

In any case enjoy the day whether you wear your panties or not.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Shoe Privee For The Shoe Lovers!!!

Hello Divas!!!

Do you love shoes?

No not just love....do you LOVE shoes? Ever wish you could be part of an exclusive shoe club and have access to some of the best shoes at affordable prices?

Well why not check out Shoe Privee and make your shoe dreams come true. I am not affiliated with them and I do NOT receive any kind of compensation (although it would be NICE if they sponsored me for potential traffic!!!)

What are the benefits of joining? Well according to their site:

members have access to:
  • Dozens of shoe styles from $39.95 a pair
  • Free returns
  • New shoe styles weekly
  • Rewards points with every purchase
  • PrivĂ©e Online Magazine Monthly
  • Weekly style tips
  • Great sale items

So head over now and at least check out the shoes...I already see a few wedges that I am totally in love with.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Intererested In A Juice Fast

So I have been reading about doing 3 and 7 day juice fasts and my best friend actually bought a juicer and did a 7 day juice fast.

I have been interested in doing a fast but my blood sugar drops really quickly. I am one of those people who constantly eats because if I don't eat about every three hours I get headaches.

I get VERY cranky...I get hungry and angry....or HANGRY as we like to call it.

I am trying to work myself up to do a three day juice fast but so far it has been rough. I have attempted one day a week for the last three weeks and barely made it into the afternoon before eating.

Today this was my breakfast:
-tea with milk

total of 245 calories.

This was my lunch:
-grapefruit juice...90 calories

In between I have been drinking a  large glass of water about every hour so  that my stomach feels full.

If I can make it to dinner time and only drink more juice and water then today will be a success and I will know that I can do the three day fast.

I actually plan on doing it full time in July so this is just a practice run for me.

Have any of you done a juice fast? Share your experience and tips please!!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Diva Nail Tools

Hello Divas!!!

I know that we all try to take care of our nails and I just found a very pretty and girly nail set I wanted to share with you.

It cost under $4 at Walmart and I must say it a good deal.

I bought the set because I wanted the cuticle stick with the soft edge. I do not like the wooden ones because they tend to be jagged. I don't want to get splinters and I don't understand why they continue to make these wooden ones.

It also helps that most of the stuff has a lovely diva pink on it so it will go quite nicely in my collection of beauty tools.