Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Need A Pedicure!!!

Hello Divas!!!

I hate to polish my own toes even though I like doing my fingers. I just think that I can never get my feet to look like the professionals do...even though it really is NOT in my budget to get a pedicure every month.

I actually got one in February and then one June and I just felt SO pretty and happy.

I was going to get one one in July because it was my birthday but then I have no idea what happened. Now with wearing sandals all day long I think my feet look sad and I would love to just sit back and have someone do my toes!

I normally just get the white tips shown above but I am looking for something to change it up a little bit now.

My school colors are black and red so I was thinking maybe something with red in it would look cute.

I do not want just a solid color like what is above because I think that looks like I could do it myself.
I also do not want something that is very complicated or multicolored like this one above either.

I was thinking maybe something like this one above but with a brighter red. Or I might even go off the red story and just get something that is over the top girly and fun like this one below.

Either way I need to decide really soon!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Trying The Weight Loss With RunKeeper This Time

Hello Divas!!

I have been off and on the weight loss and exercise trail multiple times over the last year. I recently decided to do some type of exercise every day for the month of July.

My goal is to get something done every day, even if it is only 5 minutes of yoga.

I downloaded the RunKeeper app to my phone and beginning on July 1st I have been walking a mile outside every day. I do something else on the off days, like indoor aerobics or yoga so it has been good these last few days.

I am not able to run yet...I tried a little on the second day and hurt my knee so badly that I was in pain for a while. I am content with walking a mile every morning before breakfast as that is a good start for someone who does not exercise at all.

I log my calories as well and hopefully I will be able to keep up the healthy habit for the entire month..then it should get easier to do more in the upcoming months.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tunics: How To Pick The Best One For You

Hello Divas

I love tunics as I think they can be VERY forgiving!!! How do you pick the best tunic for your body shape and comfort level?

If you are plus size you may want to look for tunics that have light and flowy sleeves. These give you more freedom to move and help to hide the belly.

If you  have a big bust you may want to look for a tunic that has embellishments to draw attention away from your bust. You may think that the design will draw the eye to unwanted places but it actually distracts the viewer and forces them to focus on the design and not your bust line.

What I love most about tunics is that they are so can wear them with anything and look as dressed up or as dressed down as you wish. Plus they allow for lots of airflow...which is a big issue for those of us who sweat a lot.