Thursday, July 21, 2011

Instyler Review

Hello Divas!!!!

I have very thick hair and have used a flat iron to straighten out my hair. I kept hearing about the magical powers of the Instyler so I decided to get one finally.

I paid $94.97 for the Instyler and I will be getting my money back PRONTO!!!!

The Instyler may work for some people but it did NOT work for me at all. I have had MUCH better results with the Remington flat iron $40 that I got from WalMart and I am going back to using that.

The Instyler has these little brushes that are supposed to smooth out the hair but all they did was tangle the hair even when I had smoothed it out with a fine tooth comb. I guess it is safe to say that this tool works for Caucasian or Mixed hair but not for truly Black hair like mine.

Even on the lowest setting it sent steam into the air and I could smell my hair burning....which was strange since I have used flat irons and even a CHI on higher heat than that.

It also did not do a good job of straightening out my hair and the hair was not all light and fluffy like on the commercials. Instead it was stiff and straight and limp and looked like I had sprayed hairspray on before using it...which I did not.

It was also difficult to get close to the very roots of the hair, which is where I needed the most straightening power. The appliance also needs to lie on its side when not in use because the bottom part is wobbly and you cannot place it upside down.

The rotating portion of the tool was also quite loud and it was slightly annoying to me. It is bad enough to have the loudness of a blow dryer and then to have this follow was just too much for me to handle.

It took a long time to cool off once unplugged...not a deal breaker but I just was not impressed with the whole affair and I will be returning it for a full refund and going back to using my Remington flat irons once again.

What has YOUR experience been the Instyler? Do you LOVE it? Do you HATE it?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dermatologist's Advice For Dark Underarms

Hello Divas

So I went to see a pr0fessional about my dark armpits and she told me that before they could do anything about the color they had to deal with the excessive sweating, also called hyperhydrosis.

She gave me a regimen that I am supposed to follow for the next month and then come back to see her and I really hope that this helps.

The first thing I am supposed to do is to use Certain Dri antiperspirant at night to shrink my pores and stop the sweating.

The next thing I am supposed to do is to apply Zeasorb powder over my regular antiperspirant during the day.

So far I have not noticed any change but after reading the reviews I saw that some people said it took about three weeks of continuous use for the sweating to be reduced. Some others said they never saw a change in the sweating. Still others said that the Certain Dri gave them a rash or something.

I have noticed that it does feel strong so I am going to use it every other night because it does tend to irritate my armpits.

The Zeasorb powder is also not being used every day because it causes me to itch....I read that it was made for athletes foot!!!! What, does the doctor think I have athletes foot under my arms?