Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Always Thin Flexi-Style Liners (product review)

Hello Divas!

I love trying out new products, especially those specially created for women so I was happy to see that Always has come out with a new pantyliner, called the Thin Flexi-Style.

Now I know that you are wondering what in the world can be new about a pantyliner but just wait and see.

These new flexi-style liners are great because they are:
  • thin
  • flexible
  • light

They come in one size but the middle part is thinner than most liners. It also has wings but they are VERY thin and are really just to help you adjust to different sizes. What I love about these liners is that they can be worn with anything from boy shorts to thongs and everything in between!!!!

Here is what the box looks like.

I got these at Walmart to try out and I immediately fell in love. I no longer have to buy a box for thongs and a box for other panties. This liner customizes to fit all my underwear by simply adjusting the wings.

Here is what the liner looks like straight out of the box.

I am totally sold on this and will be buying only these liners from now on. The only thing I do not like is that I have not seen them in the individually wrapped packages so that you can take them on the go. If they do not come in individual packs then I still have a few like the Carefree shown below that I can stick in my purse.

Here is the Always Flexi-style next to a Carefree with Wings for size comparison.

As you can see the Carefree liner is so much larger and thicker than the Always. Plus the wings on the Carefree are so bulky....I always cut them off before using because they are so hard to take off when they are stuck.

The Always are also shorter..but if you REALLY need that much coverage then I guess you should be wearing a pad.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nivea Moisture (Product Review)

Hello Divas!

A true Diva ALWAYS has soft,supple, well hydrated lips as a basic part of her wardrobe. I love lip balms and lip glosses but I wanted to try out this Nivea Kiss Of Moisture lip hydrator to see if it would deliver.

The first thing I noticed is that it contains SPF 4 and have talked before about using SPF to protect your skin so this was interesting to me. I actually get a rash when I use any product that contains SPF except for Oil Of Olay so I was a bit worried.

I decided to apply it at night and that way if I got a rash I could just hide at home the next day. I noticed when I put on the product that it felt MUCH lighter than other lip balms and not as waxy.

It felt like it was really moisturizing my lips while still providing long lasting barriers against wind and other drying agents. I woke up the next day and did not have any rash or discomfort so I guess that while SPF 4 is very low it is better than having nothing on my lips at all.

The lip balm is clear so I would need to find some way to add in color if I wanted that. It is also unscented which is good most of the time but sometimes I like a little color and flavor and scent in just one product without needing to do multiple steps.

I also noticed that unlike some of the other thicker balms, this tended to wear off quickly when eating so constant reapplication is necessary.

The one thing I must say I do not like about this is the way the cap fits!!!!!! In most other lip balms the white part, which is the smaller part, would be the cap so you just pull of the little cap and there is your product. With Nivea Kiss of Moisture the BLUE part is the cap....so you pull the balm out of this LONG tube like a tube of lipstick and STILL have to twist to get at the product. I hate the long cap because it makes it a little more difficult to to cover the balm in a hurry.

In general it is a good lip balm for the price but a tinted version would be nice.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Hello Divas!

Beauty is not JUST about clothing and makeup but also about everything else that is pleasing to the eye. Dance is the ultimate expression of beautiful physical movement and that is why I love the show So You Think You Can Dance.

This season I must say that I totally LOVE Russell. He is the crumper who is surprising everyone by being able to handle all the other styles.

My second favorite male dancer is Legacy....again a surprising chameleon who is adapting to every style that the show throws at him.

I am not too thrilled with the female dancers and do not see what the judges see in Ashleigh at all. I like Karen and I am beginning to like Channing even though I did not like her at first.

The two dancers sent home this week are Peter and Pauline and I must agree with the judges' decision. I was not impressed by either of those two dancers and America got it RIGHT!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Hair Routine And Products

Hello Divas!

I have been asked what I do to take care of my hair and what products I use to keep it healthy. First off all my hair is texturized so that I can rock the curly look or I can flat iron it to have the sleek and straight look.

I wash my hair TWICE a week and no more because washing your hair too frequently dries it out. I wash my hair with Herbal Essences shampoo and then use Neutrogena hair mask to deep condition it. I put the deep conditioner in and cover the hair with a plastic cap and then go off to do things around the house...like writing this post.

After about 20 minutes of deep conditioning I rinse that off and use the Herbal Essences conditioner as directed. Then I let my hair air dry.

Yes...AIR DRY.

It is not good to use too much heat on the hair and since I am going to flat iron it then that is already one heat source.

After the hair is dry I use a flat iron to straighten it out if I want to wear it straight. Then I apply a conditioning treatment to my scalp and wrap the hair and tie it up.

That is my process in a few simple steps.....and I will give more detail on each of the products that I use in upcoming posts.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

For The Love Of Ray J Season Premiere

Hello Divas!

I must say that the first episode of For The Love Of Ray J was very entertaining for me. I was glad that he sent that girl home because she was way too obvious in being a 'celebrity smasher' as they called it.

I liked Luscious for him. She reminds me a little bit of Mariah Carey with her little cute face. I think he needs to get rid of Exotica pronto....she seems a little bit scary crazy to me.

Other than that the girls seem like a fun bunch and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

I love on the promo that the show Danger is pregnant. WHAT?????

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Loving Those Dating Shows

Hello Divas!

I just finished watching the finales of My Antonio and A Real Chance At Love 2. Those are celebrity dating shows where the guys were dating a bunch of women, trying to find true love.

Now I followed A Real Chance At Love 2 a little more closely than My Antonio so I was a bit surprised at the choices the guys made there.

I see that they are coming up with a new season of For The Love Of Ray J. For those who do not know, Ray J is Brandy's little brother and he already had a season of the show. I thought he made the wrong choice at the end...and it is obvious now since he is already on a second season of the show.

The previews show that there is a BIG surprise for the girls in the house and I cannot wait to waste time watching this show. It plays on VH1 so gear up your cable if you like those types of shows.

I have been watching and do not take those shows seriously...I just think they are really funny and the people who go on them are very entertaining.

Do you watch those shows? Which one is your favorite?