Sunday, April 22, 2012

Call For Diva Tips

Hello Divas!

Today I am putting out a call for your best tips on what to do to remain:





Please comment below with your best Diva tips and I will compile them into one post.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glide Dental Floss

Hello Divas!!!

Today I just wanted to remind you all to FLOSS.

Now I don't mean go flossing your bling bling....I mean floss your TEETH. I love Glide waxed mint floss because it is easier to use than regular floss.

Regular dental floss is like a string but the Glide is like a thin strip of tape. My teeth are VERY close together and it seems this gets into the small spaces very well.

Remember you don't have to floss ALL your teeth...just the ones you want to keep.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful For My Best Friend

I have the BEST best friend in the whole world. This person has been there for me over the last EIGHT years through some of the worst times in my life.

I am a woman and my best friend is a (straight) guy and most people said that would not work. Lots of people believe men and women cannot be just friends but my bestie has proved that wrong.

I am thankful today that I have a GREAT friend who tolerates my crazy mood swings and still loves me even when I am being a pain in the butt.

My best friend makes me a better person!!!!

Take time out today to give thanks for the good people in your life.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Put On TONS Of Weight Because Of Stress

Hello Divas!

I have been unbelievably stressed out these last few months and stopped eating properly. I also stopped exercising and I am sad to say that not only did I put on the weight I previously had...but I also GAINED some more.

I am 5 ft 3 inches and I weighed in this morning at 167 lbs.

I used to wear a size 5 and I now wear a size 8!!!!!

I am so upset about this and how I let myself go. I feel really terrible and I think I look gross. The thing is the weight is mainly around my stomach because that is how I gain weight.

So I now have the dreaded muffin top...grrrr.

I cannot afford to join a gym now since I am unemployed...and healthy food is a bit expensive. I have no idea what to do now...I can't even afford to buy diet pills because those cost so much as well.

The weather here is really bad right now so I can't even go walking outside for exercise now.

Any tips?