Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How To Remove A Bandage Painlessly

Hello Divas!

I am sure that you ladies have gotten cuts and scrapes before and you know to cover them up immediately to prevent infection.

But what about when you need to remove the bandage? We all know how much those little things can hurt as they pull and tug at your sensitive skin.

Well here is an easy way to remove your bandage without all the pain.

  • Step 1: Get some baby oil and apply to the edges of the bandage.
  • Step 2: Allow the oil to sit for about one minute
  • Step 3: Slowly peel off the bandage starting from the edges.

The oil helps to dissolve the adhesive on the bandage and lets it slide off your skin easily!!!

I know it works because I have tried it myself with great results. Bonus: the oil also removes that nasty sticky stuff on your skin so there is no bandage mark left on your skin!!!!!

What else do you use baby oil for?


sexy legs and body said...

Hi, thanks for dropping on me, have a wonderful weekend! baby oil? Interesting....

Dorothy L said...

This is great to know. I never use baby oil as it does not absorb into my skin. I use virgin oil instead. Although now I have a good reason to have it around:)