Monday, March 31, 2014

Crystal Nail Files From Cheeky!

Hello Divas!

I have just gotten some new crystal nail files from Cheeky and I have only used them twice but I am already in love.

I have heard that crystal files are better for your nails than metal (obviously!!) but they are also better than emery boards. This is because the crystal files, which are actually glass, have a much finer grit and so they are not prone to causing tiny ridges in the nail edge.

I ordered from Amazon and got these three....yes THREE nail files for just under $7. They each come with an individual sleeve to protect the files so they don't get dulled or dirty.

Now here are the files without the sleeves. The colors are actually more vibrant than how they look in my images from my phone. If you scroll down to the bottom of this post you will see an image you can click to purchase the files and that is the true color!!!!

If you want to get your own set all you need to do is click on the image below and you can order directly from Amazon (and I get a referral for sending you there!!!!)

I love these files and I am extra pleased with the fact that I have one for my purse, one for home and one for where ever else I need, all for under $10.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Shoes That Sizzle!!

Hello Divas!

Spring time means days where you can let your toes peek out and new shoes are sizzling and stylish, while still being comfortable.

Here are some of the styles I love..wedges anyone?

Ballet flats

Flats are always great but try to get some with support so you don't strain your feet.

I love how these peep out from under the jeans.


You all know how much I love wedges...I would wear them all year round if I can.

And the obligatory pink pair.

I love the ruffles on these purple ones.

Love love love wedges!


I am not a big heel person (funny for a Diva right?) but some of these are true eye candy. If I used to wear heels I would snatch these babies right up.

I adore these multicolored heels.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Eat Every 4 Hours For The Best Weight Loss

Hello Divas!

Did you know that skipping meals is very dangerous to your weight loss goals. When you wait that long to eat you tend to get extremely hungry and you are more likely to over eat when you do get time to eat.

If you eat about every four hours you are able to keep your blood sugar levels steady and you are less likely to over eat.

With steady blood sugar you can stick to your eating goals!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello Divas!

Did you know that kettlebells are a great way to work out. Apparently swinging a kettlebell for ten minutes can burn almost the same amount of calories as running on a treadmill.

The added bonus is that it works your arms AND legs at the same time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fruit And Vegetable Eating Plan

Hello Divas!

So I started a new eating plan to help jump start my way to a healthier me. The plan calls for unlimited fruits on the first day then unlimited vegetables on the second day. On the third day you can go back to eating things like bread if you want to and then you repeat the fruit and vegetable days.

Fruit day breakfast
Yesterday was my fruit day and this was my breakfast.

I had a cup of cinnamon tea with milk (yes that was technically cheating since you are supposed to have only fruits).
The breakfast was:
-cinnamon tea
-hard boiled egg (I added this for protein because I wanted to stave off hunger).

Fruit day lunch
I did not plan my day very well and because of running errands I did not eat lunch until 6 hours after breakfast. Of course I was starving by then so I had a bowl of leftover soup with pasta and shrimp...which totally derailed the whole 'fruit day'.

Vegetable day dinner
I don't even remember what I had for dinner..I think it was a pear, crackers with hummus and cinnamon tea. I just know that I had already messed up the fruit day so I did not really care what I ate.

Vegetable day breakfast
This was my breakfast on the vegetable day.
I had the following for my meal:
-mushrooms (fried in coconut oil)
-cinnamon tea

Vegetable day lunch
I was better prepared this time and a snack of grapes and blackberries in between breakfast and lunch so I was not starving.
Lunch consisted of:
-corn on the cob (with red pepper parmesan dusting)
-cucumber slices (with olive oil and black pepper)
-2 kiwis

I think the vegetable day went better than the fruit day and I was not hungry at all.

I will have the other half of the cucumber and some more carrots with hummus for dinner. Tomorrow I can eat bread again so I am looking forward to that...and then it will be time for another fruit day the day after that.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

No More T-Shirts!!!!

Hello Divas!

Although this blog is supposed to be about my beauty and my fashion I have admitted that I am tomboy and not a girly-girl.

One of my biggest things is that I just LOVE to wear t-shirts. They are so comfortable and easy to slip on and I never have to worry about how they fit or if there is a gap for my bra to show through. Of course t-shirts are VERY boyish...unless you get the ones with really short sleeves...which I don't like because of my underarm issues or if they have glitter and other stuff on them.

I have  A LOT of t-shirts but I have decided to stop wearing them unless I am at home or at the gym. I have already made the decision to stop wearing sneakers for that same reason and I must say I am doing well in that area.

My next transition would be to ditch the t-shirts entirely. I usually get a nice blouse to wear but there are some days where I think I am just running out to put gas in the car, or to go through the drive through for Chinese food. It is so easy to grab a t-shirt but that is not really a glamorous look and certainly NOT fitting for a diva in training.

So join me on my quest to stop wearing t-shirts unless I am working out or just staying at home.

This means I now need to plan out a few tops that I can grab and wear when I am just running to do minor things but I do not want to dress up too much.