Monday, December 16, 2013

Deep Conditioning with Organix Hair Mayonnaise

Hello Divas!!!

This Diva has some DRY hair. I have been returning my hair to its natural state...I cut off all the relaxed bits and have been chemical free for 12 months now.

I forgot how dry my hair is, especially since I don't use petroleum based grease to 'moisturize' my hair and scalp any more.

Anyway I decided to try out the hair mayonnaise because I know my hair needs some protein as well as moisture. I am going with the overnight deep condition because I am feeling a bit lazy and I have to go out tomorrow.

I applied the hair mayonnaise LIBERALLY to my dry hair (which has not been washed in 6 days) and covered it with a plastic cap. Then I tied a scarf over that to keep the plastic cap in place so I do not mess up my pillow while I sleep. I will wash out the hair in the morning and use a light conditioner on it.

Wish me luck!!! I will let you guys know how this method of deep conditioning works, compared to the 10 minutes after shampoo method.

Oh and if you wish to buy the product you can use the link above by clicking on the image. That will take you to my Amazon store and I will get a commission if you do. Of course you can always go directly to Amazon and NOT use my link...either way let me know if you use the product and how it worked for you.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trying To Clean Out My Closet

Hello Divas!!

I am attempting to clean out my closet AGAIN to make way for some fresh fashion. I am not a girly type girl and I feel very comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt or a polo shirt.

I have been wearing the same clothes for a LONG time now and I think I would like to get some new items. I did manage to get one or two pieces on sale or clearance but I really would like to do a total overhaul of my closet.

I tried the hanger method but never went through with it. The hanger method is where you
-turn all of your hangers backward
-wear something
-wash items and place them on hangers facing the correct way
-after a predetermined time (usually 6 months) anything on a backwards facing hanger needs to go.

Of course if you have winter months you may need to extend the time but I have clothes that I have not worn when it was hot nor when it was cold. I got rid of a few of them but I just did not get rid of all.

My plan now is to go cold turkey and just strip things off the hangers. Once I have removed EVERYTHING from the closet I will go back through and do a Love it or Leave it method.

If it is an item I Love then it will go on a hanger. If I am not madly in love with it then it will go into a sorting pile and may end up not being a part of my wardrobe moving forward.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Up To A 20 Second Plank Now

Hello Divas!
I have been working on my daily planking schedule and I am pleased to report that I am up to a 20 second plank today. I was scheduled for a 15 second plank so I am a little above schedule but this is great.

I just want to be able to at least do the minimum number of seconds on the schedule and if I can do more then that just means I am getting stronger!