Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shopping Haul: Face Mask Edition

Hello Divas!!!

Here is another mini shopping haul of things that I really loved. I got everything except for the candle at Walmart and I am not being compensated in any way for reviewing them. I also paid for everything with my own money!!!

First I got some face masks that I will be trying out over the next few weeks.

These are a combination of different masks, each with a different property for the skin. I do not have problems with my skin so I think I may use one of these about every week, or even every other week.

Next I got some shower poufs.

I really love these poufs because I think they give the perfect balance between soft and rough.I actually prefer for my poufs to be a little on the rough side because I think that just does a better job. These are not itchy and scratchy..but they are not baby soft either.

I also got a new candle.

I got this candle from Target because I was looking for something that smelled like cotton candy. This cost $5 and I decided to try it out to see if it could replace the cotton candy candles I had been craving but that were being sold at ridiculous prices on eBay.

Finally, I got a new nail treatment.
This nail treatment is supposed to make your nails hard and I need this because my nails are very weak and break easily. It is very clear polish with tiny flecks of gold that should form a layer that helps your nails stand up to more.

I will most likely do a product review on each of those items individually...especially the face masks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Trying Out Infused Water

Hello Divas!

I am trying my hand at this infused water thing to see if it is something I would like to continue doing. If you don't already know..infused water is simply a different way of getting people to drink more water by making it 'more interesting'.

So you make infused water by adding fruits, herbs, and even vegetables to water. You let the mix sit a for a while so the flavors of your additions can be infused into the water. I have heard that about 4 hours is optimal but many people say they make a batch and let it infuse overnight and still get great results.

Now personally I love drinking plain water so I really see this infused water as a gimmick. In fact all I can think of when I hear infused unsweetened, very watery juice!!!

That is exactly what it is!

Think of the watered down dregs of juice when all the ice has melted and that is what I think of infused water...except without the sugar.

I am trying one lemon infused water and one cucumber infused water today. If I like the results I will combine the lemon and cucumber tomorrow. If THAT goes well then I will look up a few more recipes and try them out.

Again, I am just trying this to see what the hype is all about. I do not need tricks or gimmicks to get me to drink water because I already LOVE it and can easily drink plain water all day long.

Do you drink infused water?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Share Your Blogs!!!!

Hello Divas!!

I notice that I have a few followers that I do not know a lot about. If you have a blog please leave your blog address in the comments. Tell us a little about your blog...keep it SHORT people...and we can follow your blog!

Please follow anyone who follows you so we can all build community and learn more!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Product Review: Freeman Rose Paper Brightening Mask

Hello Divas!!!

Today I will be reviewing the Freeman Rose Paper Brightening Mask. I bought a bunch of different types of facial masks recently because I wanted to try out new things. This particular mask says it brightens dull skin, which I do not really need because my skin is not dull. I just want to see what it feels like!!!

The mask itself is pretty standard but I did not notice any scent when I opened the packet. I thought it would at least smell slightly of roses but that was not the case.

The thing that differed from some other paper masks I have tried is that this one had a glossy paper backing to the mask. I assumed you were supposed to apply the mask to your face with the glossy side up and use that to position it over your  skin. When you were satisfied with the placement, you would then peel off the glossy paper and leave only the actual product.

After peeling off the glossy paper I continued to smooth the mask over my skin to ensure even contact. I left it on for the recommended five minutes and then peeled it off starting at the edges and working my way in. During the time the mask was on my skin I did not feel like it was doing anything. Some masks tingle so you can feel like they are 'working' but this one did not have any sort of effect.

I felt a very slight residue after removing the mask so I made sure to rinse that off well.  As always, when trying out a new mask I did not apply moisturizer afterwards, so I could gauge the full effect of the product. After about ten minutes I noticed white streaks on my skin so I rinsed off again and let my face air dry.

Once my face dried again I noticed that my skin actually looked like it had a residue and it looked dull. The point of the mask was to brighten skin but this one just made my skin look dull. I ended up rinsing with water one more time and then applied moisturizer.

As always you can click on the image above to buy from Amazon and I will get a referral from that. You can also pick this up at most drugstores and beauty stores if you do not wish to order online.

Verdict: this mask did not really work for me and I will not repurchase.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Product Review: Tis The Season Candle

Hello Divas!!!

I love candles and I just got a new one from Bath and Body Works that is simply divine. It is the Tis The Season candle from the Holiday 2014 collection and I actually got it on sale.

The candle is one of the larger 3 wick candles and it normally sells for $22.50. Now as much as I love candles I think that is a bit much to pay for one....regardless of how long it burns. I got it on sale for $11.25, which is still a bit on the high side but totally worth it for both the scent and the length of the burn.

The candle itself comes in a silver lined jar and is the 14.50 oz size.  The scent is listed as Tis the Season and features:
-bright red apples
-rich cinnamon
-deep green pine notes

The candle is red and when it burns down only the silver lined, clear jar is left. What I love about 3-wick candles is that they have a tendency to burn down evenly and not leave residue on the sides of the jar.

I have been burning this candle about 3 hours straight every day and so far it has not disappointed. It claims to have a burn time of 25-45 at a rate of 3 hours per day it should last me between 8 and 15 days.

I really love this candle even though I did not think I LOVED it at first but only liked it. After I burned it a few minutes I found the scent to fill the room but not overpower it. There is no one scent that really takes over the others, but they all blend into one very pleasing Christmassy scent.

The other thing I love about the candle is that the three wicks make a very even burn and the candle leaves no traces on the jar. Once this candle has burned down all the way I plan on using the jar as a decorative piece in my bathroom. It will be placed on the vanity to hold miscellaneous items.

In fact I love the jar so much that I plan on visiting the store once again to get another candle..hopefully in a different scent. I will then have two beautiful jars that can be used to hold odds and ends on the vanity area.

If I cannot get another scent that I love as much as this one I will end up getting another of Tis the Season because the scent is very pretty and I can smell it all day long without getting tired!

As always you can get this scent in the store and it is on sale right now...however if  you wish to get it from Amazon (at almost the regular price) then you can use the image below:

and I will get a referral from your purchase.