Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Creamy Coconut Face Masque Review

Hello Divas!!!!

I have recently gotten back into using face masks or masques as they are sometimes called. The most recent purchase is the Montagne Jeunesse Creamy Coconut mask.

It is supposed to be very hydrating due to the fact that coconut is very hydrating.

I washed my face and opened the packet to get read. The first thing I noticed is that the package is easy to open. This is not a big deal but when you look at some other products that are very difficult to open you will realize the importance of an easy to use package.

The scent is a bit mild but I did think that it smelled slightly plasticky and a little bit fake. I know it is supposed to be a creamy version of the coconut but I thought it smelled a little bit artificial.

The product itself is easy to apply and it spreads evenly and thoroughly. The one thing I must note...is that like many other face masks I think the amount in the package is too much for one face but not enough for two applications.

I left it on for the suggested 10 minutes and noticed that about a minute in the product began to tingle. The tingling stopped after a few seconds so I was no longer worried about a bad reaction.

Like all the other mud or clay masks the product did begin to tighten a bit as it dried so make sure not to get it too close to your eyes or mouth. I washed it off with warm water and it rinses easily but does have a very slightly oily feel when first coming off.

Then, just to see the effects of the mask I went to bed without applying any other moisturizer to my face.....except for the Olay Regenerist on my eye area and just around the mouth as I always do.

You can get the mask at many beauty supply or even regular stores or you can also order it online. If you use the image in this post you can go directly to Amazon and buy using my affiliate link and I will earn a referral bonus!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Shopping Haul 21 December

Hello Divas!!!

It is time for another shopping haul post. My shopping hauls are few and far between most of the time and since I do not have a big budget they will usually feature only one item at a time.

The item for today is a peach blouse with very short sleeves. In fact the sleeves are so short that I will most likely use this only as the bottom layer of an outfit with some sort of sweater or blazer over it. I love the peach color and it is truly a rich, juicy hue.

I can pair it with a black and white hounds tooth blazer for the days I want to look more polished...or with a black waterfall sweater for a more casual look.

I have a few other ideas of how to wear this blouse and I think it will work well both for the winter and the warmer months.

The front is a sort of lightweight mesh and the back is of a sheer material. It has a slight hi-lo cut but not in a very obvious manner, which makes it more classic than trendy.

I bought this piece on sale and think it will go a long way as a wardrobe staple in the future.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Love It Or Leave It

Hello Divas!!!!

I have been reflecting on some things in my life and realized that I have kept hold of some things that I do not truly need in my life. This includes not only material things, but also emotions, and people!

I have decided that 2015 will be my Love it or Leave it year.

This means if I do not really truly LOVE something, someone, or some emotion connected to one of those then I will simply LEAVE it behind.

In order to make the transition I think I need to begin right now. This means starting with simple things like cleaning out the closet. I have held on to some clothes that I do not really LOVE because I feel like I need them. This was mostly because I did not have the money to buy new clothes at the level that I would like.

Some of these clothes are simply unflattering or some may even have small imperfections that I really need to just let go of. I am going to begin by throwing away one item for every new item that I have bought.

Some of the clothes have other issues. You all know that I sweat a lot and because of this I have seen some small sweat stains on some shirts. I have tried MANY things to get rid of them but nothing is working.

As for getting rid of people...there have been a few toxic people in my life recently that just need to go. There is one girl in particular who pretends to be my friend when she needs something but then is very unavailable when I am the one in need.

I will have to stop going out of my way to do things for her out of the belief that she really can be a friend. I have to come to terms with the fact that she is using me and since I don't LOVE that relationship I will simply LEAVE it.

I recently bought three new shirts so I need to get rid of three now!!!

I am working on getting a few more things in my life to where they truly bring me joy and I will update you as things fall into place.

What changes are you making for the new year?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shopping Haul 18 December

Hello Divas!

I don't normally do this but I figure I can do a shopping haul like I see the vloggers doing. I will not do a vlog but just a normal blog post on what I bought.

I got a fabulous striped tunic that is is lightweight enough to wear during the warm months, but can be paired with something under for the colder months as well.

This blouse is a lovely striped blend featuring a deep purple, white, orange, and maroon. It has long sleeves which can rolled up with a tab, as you can see by the way the sleeves bunch up a bit. The bunched part is where the tab pulls it up..I just have not rolled the sleeves to properly fit.

The v-neck is not very low so it does not bare too much cleavage. I always wear a cami under my tops so I will wear one with this as well.

The blouse is long enough that it falls below my hips....making it perfect to pair with even skinny jeans. The length is perfect as it covers the hips and butt, so I don't feel too self-conscious.

It cost $19.95 and I think it is a great addition to my wardrobe, especially for the upcoming semester.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Best Pens Ever!

Hello Divas!!!

Here at this blog I not only write about what other beauty bloggers consider beautiful...but I also take a different approach.

I write about everything that I find beautiful...not just make up or skin care. Today I want to take a look at Pens.

Yes pens!

Writing instruments!!!

I got one of these pens in purple as a gift and fell so deeply in love that I just had to try out other colors.

These  are the smoothest writing pens I have used in a looooong time...apart from fountain pens but without the mess. I loved them so much I ordered in sky blue, green, and pink because I do a lot of writing.

The pens are smooth and the color is vibrant and they make my notes look absolutely gorgeous...which makes studying a lot more pleasant.

If you wish to order these pens you can get them directly from Amazon..or you can use the image above to order and I will get a referral since you go through my portal.

In any case if you love colored ink these would make a great addition to your writing stash and can also be given as a gift.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Girl Crush: Blogger Beauty Crush

Hello Divas!

So you know I always have a new girl crush and this time around it is beauty blogger Beauty Crush. I have been sporadically watching her videos and she is just so adorable.

Yes she sometimes wears a lot of makeup and I don't 'love' every look that she does but she has been refreshingly honest about a lot of things that many other bloggers keep under wraps.

She even admitted that she wears a weave!!!!

Anyway check out Beauty Crush for a few tips on hair, makeup, and relationships...and don't forget to check out her winged liner tips as well.

Beauty Crush.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Slowly Losing Weight

hello Divas
School has been stressing me out and I have been losing weight slowly. I am finally under 170 lbs and it feels great.

I really need to get back into exercise mode because  the holidays are right around the corner...and with them comes tons of great food and non-stop eating!

I hope to get back into a regular posting schedule once finals are done!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Found the BEST Candle Ever..And Can't Get Any More

Hello Divas!

It has been a while since the last post but I have not forgotten you all. I am happy and sad at the same time because of a candle.

I just found the BEST smelling candle I have smelled in a LONG time...but I cannot get any more.

So I was at Walmart last week and saw this candle in a shopping cart with a clearance sign. I picked one up and it smelled good on the first sniff so I got one.

I had it on the top rack of the shopping cart and went along getting my stuff. At one point I noticed a girl in front of me and thought I got a whiff of her perfume and it smelled so sweet and fruity that I was going to compliment her but she turned down the aisle.

I continued walking and got another whiff off something sweet and fruity and saw the same girl a few feet ahead. I was heading to check out or I would have tried to catch up to her to ask what her perfume was.

Then while standing in line I smelled the same thing again but did not see the girl. It was THEN that I realized I was smelling the candle!!!!!

So now that you guys know I am not a stalker...back to the candle.

I only bought one on that day because I was not sure if it would still smell as nice when it burned. I got home and lit it up and was instantly in love.

I went back to the store three days later and could only find 2. When I had the customer service check the system they only had two in stock and were not reordering because that was a clearance line and would not be restocked.

I quickly went to the Glade site and saw that this was an old line from last summer and was a limited edition. I could find the spray refills but not the candles.

I searched on Amazon..no luck.

I searched on eBay and found people were selling them for over $7 apiece. I got them on clearance for $2.50 and thought even that was a bit much but I will not pay $7 for such a small candle...no matter how great it smells.

I only managed to snag those last two on that day so I have a total of two since I burned the first one all the way through already.

I am torn between wanting to burn them to get the full effect...or keeping them unlit because I can still get a faint scent. Decisions, decisions!

If you know where I can get this candle for a low price hit me up in the comments!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

How To Make Your Bras Last Longer

Hello Divas!!!

Bras are expensive. Well at least the good ones are. The ones for those of us with larger breasts CERTAINLY are expensive. The bad thing about them is that no matter how much you paid or how well you take care of them they tend to lose their shape or supportive capabilities.

But have no fear. There are a few simple things you can do to make the most of your bras and ensure they retain their shape.

1. Stack your bras.
Yes ladies, you need to stack your bras when you store them. You can do this by simply placing them in the drawer with the cups of one nestled in the cups of the other. When you are done they should look like bowls (or cups ha ha) that have been stacked and then placed on their side.

You can always buy a bra separator like the one shown below but I believe you can achieve the same thing if you just do it yourself.

The other thing is that you will lose some storage space because of the gaps between the dividers.

2. Rotate your bras.
Now I don't mean that you should hold the bra by the straps and swing it about your head. No...rotate means that you should have enough bras that you are not wearing the same ones constantly. You should really wear a bra about two to three days and then wash it. If you sweat a lot and you are wearing it all day then you might need to wash it after only one use!!

If you are on the 2 day cycle then you would need about 4 bras for the week.....not counting what you wear at home when you get off school or work. So if you are on a 4 bra cycle then you would need to have at least 5 bras so that the first one for the current week does not automatically get worn again during the second week. That is just  suggestion though!!!

Yes you need to give your bras a break. Do not wear the same bra continuously..let it rest for a while as you wear the others. I have heard people say you need to give your bra 48 hours to rest...but I do not strictly believe this.

If I can get by on less than 7 hours of rest so can a bra!!!

In any case, have multiples if you can so that you avoid wear and tear.

3. Hand wash your bras.
Yes I know this one is a pain...and I actually only do it for ONE of my bras. It is good tip though and if you only wear the bra for two days it should be easy to clean by hand washing.

4. Air dry your bras.
Another pain in the nether regions...but it helps so much. The heat from the dryer is so bad for your bras as it breaks down the elastic.

The best thing is to place your bras on a flat surface to dry if you can. Of course if you live in an apartment or anywhere that you cannot get good circulation you run the risk of an eternity of drying time...or improper drying.

Those are just a few tips to help care for your bras...share your best bra tips here!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fairy Dust Mani Crush

Hello Divas!!!

I have a serious crush on this manicure done with fairy dust!!!
It is so pretty with the gradient and then the fairy dust just makes everything pop! What is even more amazing is the creator's husband actually gave her the inspiration for her nail.

Sleeping Beauty gradient manicure

Go check it out here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nalgene Water Bottle For Hydration

Hello Divas!!!

It is important to stay well hydrated to keep your skin looking moist and plump. I usually carry water bottles with me and fill them up at home and at work when I can.

I live in a place with hard water that is also not the best quality. Many people choose to buy bottled water but I invested in a water filter and prefer to carry my own water. I had a bottle that worked quite well for a few months. I would use it for about three days before washing it everything was fine.

Recently I noticed that it would smell odd after just one day of use no matter how well I washed it. I guess that means it is time to get a new bottle so I bought another one. This one a metal cover and it would smell funny after just one day as well.

I heard about these Nalgene bottles that supposedly solved the problem so I decided to try one. It holds 32 ounces which is about half the suggested water intake for the day. This means I will have to drink two of these to get the suggested hydration for my daily needs.

I hope these can last a couple of days before smelling bad like my first bottle did. In any case I will just get another one and use one per day and wash every night so it can be dry and ready for the next day.

Bottoms up!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shopping Haul: Blue Bags!

Hello Divas!

I recently went on a shopping trip as I wanted a small purse or wristlet for those quick trips. I needed something I could put my phone and keys in for when I needed to just run out quickly but did not feel like carrying a larger purse.

I found these two beauties at Target and I instantly fell in love.

Here is the wristlet.
It is just the right size to throw my phone in and it can also hold my keys and lip balm! It simply slides over the wrist and cost $12.99.

Here is the body bag.

This one is a little bigger than the wristlet and can hold more items. I think it is perfect for a night out when I may carry a few more items but not enough to need a big purse. My tablet can also fit in this bag so I may use it for some days when I have class.

The cross body bag is a sea foam green while the wristlet is a powdery blue. They are both made of this soft leather and feel quite luxe and just right for a diva!!!

Happy shopping everyone.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Healthier Breakfast

Hello Divas!!!

In the spirit of eating better I am trying to get more fruits and vegetables into each meal. This involves a bit of prep before hand as I like to get everything washed and portioned out..so I can just grab a portion for each meal.

In the past my breakfast would just be a cheese sandwich and some tea.

As you can see I have added some  carrots and cherries to the breakfast. I also reduced the cheese by using grated cheese instead of slices. This has reduced the cheese by about half!!!

I am also using DanActive probiotics as I heard active cultures help with digestion and can aid weight loss!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Staying Motivated to Work Out is HARD!!!

Hello Divas!

I am finding it so difficult to stay motivated to get going with the exercise. I have a really easy set of things to do...all I planned on doing is walking 20 minutes on the treadmill on alternating days. I also set to do 10 minutes of abs and yoga on the days that I am not doing the cardio.

I always start off well and make it to the third day and something happens and I quit on day 4. I will pick up again two days later but always end up falling off the wagon.

I know intellectually that I need to exercise but I am just finding it very hard to stay motivated to do it all.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

CoverGirl Colorlicicious Lip Gloss

Hello Divas!

I just bought a tube of CoverGirl Colorlicious lip gloss in Fruitilicious and I am thrilled with the purchase. I have always loved fuchsia lip gloss and wanted to wear it but could never really find a shade or formula that I thought looked good on me.

I came across the CoverGirl Colorlicious in Fruitilicious and while it does not look very nice on the site it is a vibrant shade in the store.

I used it once I got home and I am completely in love.

The formula is very smooth and it smells GREAT. It is not sticky or greasy and provides a sheer yet pretty color on your lips.

Best of all it looks great on me and has now been added to my collection of favorite glosses. You can pick this up at your local Walmart or you can use the link below to buy from Amazon. Please note the link below contains my affiliate link so I will receive a commission if you purchase after using it.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

5 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Hello Divas!!!

I found this great article about the 5 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss...And Why They're Wrong and I just wanted to share it with you.

I think this is really good, simple information that everyone can use. It is also helpful for me now that I am starting the 8 hour 'diet'. It is not really a diet in the sense of restricting certain foods..it is more of a lifestyle.

Anyway, check out the myths surrounding weight loss and let me know what you think!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

June Is Time For Renewal

Hello Divas!!!

So I have decided that June needs to be a time of renewal for me. My birthday is coming up in July and I am tired of being fat and tired all the time.

I need to make small changes all through June so that I can get on the road to being healthy again. I am so afraid of putting on more weight and putting myself at risk for diabetes. The thing is to make all these small changes stick and become a habit.

I set a goal to walk one mile on the treadmill three times a  week...and most weeks I will do it fully and then fall off the wagon the following week. My goal for June is to commit to walking my one mile three days a week EVERY single week!

I also plan on going back to eating healthier by NOT purchasing junk like I have been doing lately. I bought items to make smoothies and I only actually make one smoothie every other week. I need to get my smoothies in at least every other day because it is a VERY easy way to get extra fruits and vegetables.

What are you doing this June to address your lifestyle?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Getting Back On Track

Hello Divas!

Sorry I have been away for the last week but LIFE just overwhelmed me for a little bit. I am getting back on track and should be back to the regular blogging schedule this week.

As always I want you to remain fabulous and be the best diva you can be.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Eos Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm (Product Review)

Hello Divas!

You all know how much I love lip balm and I am constantly using one. I have one in every purse just in case I need it and I have one on my nightstand as well.

My favorite is a balm that I get at Sally's beauty supply. I love it because I have sensitive lips and some lip products make me break out but that balm is great.

As you can see, the product comes in this unique egg shape that makes it really stand out from other balms, which generally come in a tube or pot.

I decided to try out this EOS Strawberry Sorbet lip balm because the product comes in such a cute package and EOS is supposed to be made of natural products. I love the light scent of this balm and it really goes on smoothly.

My only concern is that it does not last as long as other lip balms. After a few minutes (I did not time it to be exact) I feel the need to reapply.

I feel like I will go through a sphere really quickly so that is not good. Otherwise...a good buy.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Workout For Today

Hello Divas!

Today I finally got around to the gym as I have recommitted to getting some exercise. I walked on the treadmill at an incline of 2 and a speed of 4 on an empty stomach.
 I ended up walking a total of 1.29 miles in the time of 21 minutes that I set.

I burned 163 calories during those 21 minutes and it felt pretty good as I broke a little bit of a sweat. I know this is not a great distance or time but when you consider that I have been a couch potato it is a good start.

My goal is to go three times a week for 20 minutes each so that I can start to build up some strength and endurance.

If you are not exercising try to make some time to do it. Beauty is related to health and it is not very good of a diva to be overweight and on the road to poor health.

Get some exercise!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Crystal Nail Files From Cheeky!

Hello Divas!

I have just gotten some new crystal nail files from Cheeky and I have only used them twice but I am already in love.

I have heard that crystal files are better for your nails than metal (obviously!!) but they are also better than emery boards. This is because the crystal files, which are actually glass, have a much finer grit and so they are not prone to causing tiny ridges in the nail edge.

I ordered from Amazon and got these three....yes THREE nail files for just under $7. They each come with an individual sleeve to protect the files so they don't get dulled or dirty.

Now here are the files without the sleeves. The colors are actually more vibrant than how they look in my images from my phone. If you scroll down to the bottom of this post you will see an image you can click to purchase the files and that is the true color!!!!

If you want to get your own set all you need to do is click on the image below and you can order directly from Amazon (and I get a referral for sending you there!!!!)

I love these files and I am extra pleased with the fact that I have one for my purse, one for home and one for where ever else I need, all for under $10.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Shoes That Sizzle!!

Hello Divas!

Spring time means days where you can let your toes peek out and new shoes are sizzling and stylish, while still being comfortable.

Here are some of the styles I love..wedges anyone?

Ballet flats

Flats are always great but try to get some with support so you don't strain your feet.

I love how these peep out from under the jeans.


You all know how much I love wedges...I would wear them all year round if I can.

And the obligatory pink pair.

I love the ruffles on these purple ones.

Love love love wedges!


I am not a big heel person (funny for a Diva right?) but some of these are true eye candy. If I used to wear heels I would snatch these babies right up.

I adore these multicolored heels.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Eat Every 4 Hours For The Best Weight Loss

Hello Divas!

Did you know that skipping meals is very dangerous to your weight loss goals. When you wait that long to eat you tend to get extremely hungry and you are more likely to over eat when you do get time to eat.

If you eat about every four hours you are able to keep your blood sugar levels steady and you are less likely to over eat.

With steady blood sugar you can stick to your eating goals!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello Divas!

Did you know that kettlebells are a great way to work out. Apparently swinging a kettlebell for ten minutes can burn almost the same amount of calories as running on a treadmill.

The added bonus is that it works your arms AND legs at the same time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fruit And Vegetable Eating Plan

Hello Divas!

So I started a new eating plan to help jump start my way to a healthier me. The plan calls for unlimited fruits on the first day then unlimited vegetables on the second day. On the third day you can go back to eating things like bread if you want to and then you repeat the fruit and vegetable days.

Fruit day breakfast
Yesterday was my fruit day and this was my breakfast.

I had a cup of cinnamon tea with milk (yes that was technically cheating since you are supposed to have only fruits).
The breakfast was:
-cinnamon tea
-hard boiled egg (I added this for protein because I wanted to stave off hunger).

Fruit day lunch
I did not plan my day very well and because of running errands I did not eat lunch until 6 hours after breakfast. Of course I was starving by then so I had a bowl of leftover soup with pasta and shrimp...which totally derailed the whole 'fruit day'.

Vegetable day dinner
I don't even remember what I had for dinner..I think it was a pear, crackers with hummus and cinnamon tea. I just know that I had already messed up the fruit day so I did not really care what I ate.

Vegetable day breakfast
This was my breakfast on the vegetable day.
I had the following for my meal:
-mushrooms (fried in coconut oil)
-cinnamon tea

Vegetable day lunch
I was better prepared this time and a snack of grapes and blackberries in between breakfast and lunch so I was not starving.
Lunch consisted of:
-corn on the cob (with red pepper parmesan dusting)
-cucumber slices (with olive oil and black pepper)
-2 kiwis

I think the vegetable day went better than the fruit day and I was not hungry at all.

I will have the other half of the cucumber and some more carrots with hummus for dinner. Tomorrow I can eat bread again so I am looking forward to that...and then it will be time for another fruit day the day after that.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

No More T-Shirts!!!!

Hello Divas!

Although this blog is supposed to be about my beauty and my fashion I have admitted that I am tomboy and not a girly-girl.

One of my biggest things is that I just LOVE to wear t-shirts. They are so comfortable and easy to slip on and I never have to worry about how they fit or if there is a gap for my bra to show through. Of course t-shirts are VERY boyish...unless you get the ones with really short sleeves...which I don't like because of my underarm issues or if they have glitter and other stuff on them.

I have  A LOT of t-shirts but I have decided to stop wearing them unless I am at home or at the gym. I have already made the decision to stop wearing sneakers for that same reason and I must say I am doing well in that area.

My next transition would be to ditch the t-shirts entirely. I usually get a nice blouse to wear but there are some days where I think I am just running out to put gas in the car, or to go through the drive through for Chinese food. It is so easy to grab a t-shirt but that is not really a glamorous look and certainly NOT fitting for a diva in training.

So join me on my quest to stop wearing t-shirts unless I am working out or just staying at home.

This means I now need to plan out a few tops that I can grab and wear when I am just running to do minor things but I do not want to dress up too much.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Indoor Beauty

Hello Divas!

Beauty is not only about your physical appearance! We need to have a beautiful environment as well in order to truly be at our best.

Take some time to make your home and surroundings better and you will ultimately look and feel better yourself.

Shoes off!!
The first thing I do when I enter my home is to take my shoes off. I keep slippers close to the front door so that I can take the outside shoes off and wear only the inside slippers. Taking your shoes off at the front door keeps the allergens and pollutants to the main area and you don't track dirt and dust inside.

Windows open!
At least twice a week I make it a point to crack the windows to let some fresh air in for a couple of minutes a day. Indoor air can trap and recirculate polluted air, especially if you don't have indoor plants, so letting some fresh air in can do you a world of good.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ombre Lip Trend

Hello Divas!

So the Ombre lip thing is exploding all over but I have some mixed feelings about the trend. I think those look cool for an onstage presence but I do not think they can be practical for everyday use.

This one may look ok and might last all day because it is matte.

On the other hand something like this may not work at all because I can see it rubbing off at the first bite of food.