Sunday, October 19, 2014

Found the BEST Candle Ever..And Can't Get Any More

Hello Divas!

It has been a while since the last post but I have not forgotten you all. I am happy and sad at the same time because of a candle.

I just found the BEST smelling candle I have smelled in a LONG time...but I cannot get any more.

So I was at Walmart last week and saw this candle in a shopping cart with a clearance sign. I picked one up and it smelled good on the first sniff so I got one.

I had it on the top rack of the shopping cart and went along getting my stuff. At one point I noticed a girl in front of me and thought I got a whiff of her perfume and it smelled so sweet and fruity that I was going to compliment her but she turned down the aisle.

I continued walking and got another whiff off something sweet and fruity and saw the same girl a few feet ahead. I was heading to check out or I would have tried to catch up to her to ask what her perfume was.

Then while standing in line I smelled the same thing again but did not see the girl. It was THEN that I realized I was smelling the candle!!!!!

So now that you guys know I am not a stalker...back to the candle.

I only bought one on that day because I was not sure if it would still smell as nice when it burned. I got home and lit it up and was instantly in love.

I went back to the store three days later and could only find 2. When I had the customer service check the system they only had two in stock and were not reordering because that was a clearance line and would not be restocked.

I quickly went to the Glade site and saw that this was an old line from last summer and was a limited edition. I could find the spray refills but not the candles.

I searched on luck.

I searched on eBay and found people were selling them for over $7 apiece. I got them on clearance for $2.50 and thought even that was a bit much but I will not pay $7 for such a small matter how great it smells.

I only managed to snag those last two on that day so I have a total of two since I burned the first one all the way through already.

I am torn between wanting to burn them to get the full effect...or keeping them unlit because I can still get a faint scent. Decisions, decisions!

If you know where I can get this candle for a low price hit me up in the comments!!!!