Saturday, November 30, 2013

Modified Plank Schedule

Hello Divas!

I heard that planking is a great way to firm up your abs and I have seen a few plank challenges going around.

I decided to do my own modified challenge for the month of December as follows
Day 1: 10 seconds
Day 2: 10 seconds
Day 3: 10 seconds
Day 4: 10 seconds
Day 5: 15 seconds
Day 6:15 seconds
Day 7: 15 seconds
Day 8: 15 seconds
Day 9: 20 seconds
Day 10: 20 seconds
Day 11: 20 seconds
Day 12: 20 seconds
Day 13: 25 seconds
Day 14: 25 seconds
Day 15: 25 seconds
Day 16: 30 seconds
Day 17: 30 seconds
Day 18: 30 seconds
Day 19: 30 seconds
Day 20: 35 seconds
Day 21: 35 seconds
Day 22: 35 seconds
Day 23: 40 seconds
Day 24:40 seconds
Day 25: 45 seconds
Day 26: 45 seconds
Day 27: 50 seconds
Day 28: 50 seconds
Day 29: 55 seconds
Day 30: 55 seconds
Day 31: 60 seconds

If I can go a little bit more on certain days I will try to do that but my goal is to at least do the number of seconds that I have listed.

Planks are easy to do in the comfort of my own home and that is easy to do soon after I wake up.

Wish  me luck!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Tired of Counting Calories!

I am so tired of counting calories and not getting anywhere. I am not motivated to exercise and I will do it every other day for about a week and then I give up.

I punch in my calories into the little app on my phone...but then I run into problems where I eat something that is hard for me to figure out the calories. Like home made macaroni and cheese.

Or a tuna and mayo sandwich that I made myself.

I am also terrified of becoming diabetic so I have decided to try to eat like a diabetic to help prevent going down that road.

This entails making a few easy changes like just using less sweet stuff. I have already started by NOT buying ice cream and cookies and eating more fruits and vegetables.

It also entails making a few hard changes like actually sticking to my exercise plan. It really should not be THIS hard to walk on a treadmill for 20 minutes every other day....ESPECIALLY when the treadmill is right across the street from my apartment.

This new plan means I just eat better....I know what I need to eat, I just don't do it. So no more counting calories because I find that too restricting and I just don't want to keep up with it.

Here's to a healthier me!!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Think Of Water And Exercise As Food Groups

Hello Divas!

I found the title "Think Of Water And Exercise As Food Groups" on page about eating better and I thought that was an awesome way to think.

Now it can be a little silly to think of non food things as food groups but I think the main point was to get you in the mindset of having Water and Exercise every day...just like you have food every day.

If you make a conscious effort to include both Water and Exercise on a daily basis while you are making your food choices for the day. Exercise does not have to be a full out 60 minute cardio session every day but it must be conscious and mindful.

So far it has been easy for me to include water in my daily routine but it has not been so easy to include exercise. Now that it has begun to snow I dread being outside so I don't even think about going to the gym.

I know that I can exercise at home but it just seems to be more motivating to go out to the gym because I find any excuse to NOT to it when at home.

So now I need to include my exercise food group and I should be on the path to a better me.