Sunday, January 24, 2010

Use A Humidifier To Keep Skin Moist

Hello Divas!

Once again it is time for another simple yet effective beauty tip. Most of us are still in the winter period and that means using heaters indoors to keep warm.

The good thing is that the heat keeps you nice and toasty but the bad news is that the combination of warmth and dryness means that moisture is being stripped from your skin.

While it is not practical to keep the heat off (and freeze to death) just to keep your skin from drying out..there is something you can do to retain moisture.

Enter the humidifier!!!!

A humidifier simply adds in moisture to the dry air and this is very simple to use. You can get a small one for about $15, fill it with water, plug it in and you are ready to go.

I sleep with a humidifier and I must say that it really helps. I no longer wake up with my skin feeling all itchy and tight and dry from being dried out overnight. It also helps to keep my nasal passages moist so I wake up with less irritation.

Go ahead and use your humidifier today and feel the difference in your skin.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Olive Oil For Weight Loss

Hello Divas!

I recently wrote about drinking Tomato Juice For Weight Loss and how badly that went. I also found out that Olive Oil is supposedly good for weight loss because it helps you to feel full longer.

The trick is to drink a teaspoon to a tablespoon in the morning as your first intake of the day. I have been getting up and going to drink my tablespoon every morning before I even drink any water for the day.

The articles I read claim that the oil is best taken on an empty stomach so I have been trying that. Olive oil has very little taste and I can easily swallow a gulp of it down.

It does have TONS of calories though, as one tablespoon has 190 calories. So be very careful with what you eat as that little spoon carries a hefty part of your caloric allowance for the day.

Will keep you updated on the results. Weight today 153.8 lbs.