Monday, July 28, 2008

Cleaning and Organizing My Bathroom Sink

Welcome Divas!

Today I am cleaning out my bathroom sink because I must say it has become quite a mess in the last few days. I normally give it a good cleaning on the weekend but I have not done so for about two weeks now since I have been so busy.

The Mess
The sink looked like this when I went in to clean:

Yes I know this is a horrible mess and it makes me shudder to think of the confusion here. Luckily I have a spare bathroom so my guest did not have to see this bit of ugly because it certainly was NOT fitting of a Diva to have a bathroom that looks like this.

The Cleaning
The first thing I needed to do was to completely clear off the sink area so I could work.
I cleared everything off and gave it a good scrubbing and then it looked like this.

Better right?

Then I cleaned every bottle and other item off and decided where it should go. The things I use frequently went back on the sink and the other items either went onto the hanging pockets behind the door or they went into the bathroom cupboard.

The End
After I got everything back in place it looked like this.
As you can see I now have my Clean And Clear products for keeping my face beautiful on the left of the sink. I use these about three times a week so I need to have them within easy reach.

The little white bottle with the pink label on the right is the lightening lotion I am using to see if I can get my underarms to get lighter.

I know you ladies can see the rest of the stuff around the sink so I will be giving an update on all the products I use and what I use them come back and see.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Revisiting My Dark Side (Under arm area)

So a few days ago I was wearing a vest and talking to my mother. I raised my hand to scratch my nose and she said "Wow! Your underarms are really black!"

Note that she did not say they are dark...she said they are black.

Then she raised her arms and looked at her arm pits. They were light.

Then she looked back at me and asked what happened. I have no idea. I have been waxing my armpits in order to remove the dark skin but so far I have yet to see any major difference.

My mother has not seen my armpits for years so I guess she was shocked to see them that color. I was just embarrassed by her yelling that out.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bargain Outfit (guest post)

Welcome Divas!

Today we have a guest post from Lori at Fashion On a Dime.

I enjoy a bargain. Let me rephrase – I obsess about a bargain. Shopping, for me, has become a quest to find fantastic clothing at the lowest possible price. You don’t have to pay a lot to look like you have a lot.

Let’s do a little experiment. Let’s take an outfit from a high-end retailer and see how we can replicate it for a lot less. I’ve found one here. The Escada ensemble isn’t cheap; the jacket is priced at $1,490, the jeans at $790 and the turtleneck at $890. Jacket and jeans are cotton/spandex blend. The turtleneck? Not sure, but let’s assume cashmere. The total - $3,170. And that’s without shoes, which we can safely assume cost well over $100.

Now to build our replica outfit. The jacket is a much more difficult find than anything else on the outfit. However, we can modify to find one that has unique features just like the one on our high-end model. I opted for this one from Forever 21, which costs $24.80.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Next we have a purple turtleneck. Only now, our sleeves on our jacket are shorter. No problem. We’ll find a sleeveless turtleneck. Here I opted away from the deep purple, which I think is flattering on only a few people, for a more modern teal. Good old JCPenney, which has surprised me a lot with some great finds, has this one for $19.99.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

On to the pants. Here’s where it can get tricky. Let’s be honest – not all jeans fit all women in the same way. For this experiment, I’ll show you what I’ve found, but in reality, you gotta try them on. I chose “The Flirt” jeans from Old Navy in Blue Black. They come in at $34.50.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

That leaves shoes. Here you go – a black round-toe wedge from eBay (my favorite shoe source). Your browser may not support display of this image.

We’ll assume you chose the “Buy it now” feature and you’re paying $14.99 plus the $9.99 shipping.

To be honest, I think black pumps with this look is playing it safe. I’d much rather kick it up a bit with the shoes. I’d prefer something like this.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

On sale at DSW for $14.94.

So what’s the total? The replica outfit, complete with black wedge eBay shoes (and shipping), cost $104.27. If we opt for the red shoes, the total comes in at $100.18 (including $5.95 shipping).

Do you look good? Of course. And you’ve saved $3,065.73. Your outfit is close to the original, but has enough of your own personal twist to make it much more interesting. Wear it in style, girl!

If you liked this post please visit Fashion On a Dime and show Lori some love!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Looking for Guest Posts

Hello Divas,

I am looking for someone to guest post for me.

Your post just has to be related to beauty or fashion and you can feel free to write whatever you want.

If you would like to have your post featured here just email me at lulugal11 At gmail dot com and I will take a look at it.

You will receive a link back from this blog and you will have my readers come over to your blog and will certainly increase your traffic.

Friday, July 4, 2008

30 Days: Living In GayTown

I just watched a show called 30 Days and the episode was about a straight man who had to live for thirty days in Gaytown.

Yes it is called Gaytown because the majority of the population is gay. I must say I really liked the episode because while the straight guy was not converted, he did become more tolerant and actually left the show saying he had made a friend.

The show was interesting and if you have not seen it as yet I encourage you to sign up for and check it out.

I have always found the gay men to be ..well fabulous!

The ones who are flamboyant (think Jack from Will and Grace) are so entertaining and I always wanted to have a gay male best friend.

I think it would be awesome to just have someone like Jack to be around me and be a fabulous Diva with all the time.

He could help me pick out clothes and we would go shopping and get our armpits waxed together.

What do you think of flamboyant gay men?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lose Weight with Lemons

Now that summer is here it is time to break out the swimsuits. If you are feeling a little bit bloated you can do something about with a simple ingredient found in most kitchens.


According to Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman (author of The Gut Flush) lemons trigger muscle contractions that work throughout the digestive system to help break down food more quickly.

This leads to helping you reduce your weight because it also reduces bloating.

Lemons also help the liver clean out toxins in the body, leading to a healthier you and more efficient processing of food.

I don't know about you but I am willing to try something as natural as this and see what happens. I will be squeezing some lemon into my water from now on to see what happens.

Oh and happy 4th of July!!!