Friday, December 30, 2011

Starting A Sugar Detox In 2012

Hello Divas!

After trying numerous diets and failing miserably at them I decided to do a little more research into why I was not losing weight like I wanted to.

I found something in a magazine that suggested I might be addicted to sugar and that might be one of the underlying reasons (apart from not exercising enough) that I was not achieving my goals.

I used to think that I was prediabetic because I would wake up RAVENOUS. I swear I would be so hungry and irritable in the morning you would think that I had not eaten in days. Even if I ate late at night I would still wake up hungry and angry and so I would get myself tested.

I turned out not to be prediabetic...although I still have to keep a watch on it because my father and grandmother are both diabetic.

I realize that even when I do eat healthy I also indulge in high sugar foods. I would cut calories and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables..but would indulge in sweets.

Even when I went down to 1500 calories a day, part of that included a slice of cheesecake.

I was essentially sabotaging myself with the sugar because people who are addicted to sugar instantly store it as fat instead of burning it up.

I am going to go on a gradual sugar detox in 2012 and start by NOT purchasing some of the following things:

-sugar cookies (I like them frozen and will sometimes eat two after lunch)
-ice cream (sorry Ben and Jerry)

These silly foods will be replaced by raspberries (which I love) and greek yogurt with sliced almonds.

I am also using only honey to sweeten my tea and I will stop drinking juice for the month of January, relying only on tea and water to hydrate.

At the end of the month I should be more sensitive to sugar and should therefore crave it less...leading to less weight gain.

I am also going to start hula hooping and doing my yoga daily. I mentioned doing those two things before but I never kept up with it. I can hula hoop while watching television, instead of lying down and not doing anything at all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Elongate Your Face With Danglers

We are in the middle of the holiday season and that means TONS of parties. Every diva will be out in full force and we need to take a quick look at accessories.

Earrings play a big part in your wardrobe and since this is the time when most of us are putting on a few pounds we can use a simple trick to help hide that weight gain.

Simply wear dangling earrings like chandeliers in order to instantly slim your face. The lower they hang and the thinner they are, the better for your face!!! So slip on those danglers and elongate your face, making you look even more fabulous this season.