Sunday, November 11, 2007

12 Ways to Spice up your Look for less..part 2

Here is part two of 12 Ways to Spice up your Look for Less

1. Lose the belt

2. Keep the belt

3. Switch flats and heels

One thing you can do to make your look fresh is to switch the matching belt that came with your wrap or shirtdress to one that’s more individual and distinctive. If your belt is different from the rest of the ensemble you will have a focal point. Think a rich color, a cowboy buckle or a wide satin ribbon bow-tied at the side…

If you want to make even more of a statement just belt something you usually wouldn’t, like your overcoat or a chunky sweater. Sexy!

Try anything you usually wear with heels with flats, and vice versa, to create umpteen new looks. If people are accustomed to seeing you with flats all the time then switch it up and wear the same outfit with heels.

I just did this at work with a pair of boots I got. They are the long, slouchy kind and I usually wear them under my wide leg pants. I tucked some form fitting pants into the boots and wore them halfway up my calves.

This drew more attention because there was a new focal point for people to look at.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cute Shoes from White Stag

Now I know that a lot of you may be thinking that White Stag is not a high end brand when it comes to shoes.

You would be correct at that. But the thing here is to get a great looking pair of shoes that ALSO feel good. I found the perfect mesh in these two desires with a pair of shoes from White Stag.

They were on sale at WalMart but the comfort and the style just cannot be beaten. These shoes have a stacked heel, which gives the perfect height, but still feels comfortable enough to run in.

They are black and have a great look and feel. The shoes are comfortable enough for work, where I have a job that requires me stand quite a bit during the day.

The shoes also look very classy and professional, but they feel almost as comfortable as a pair of sneakers.

Go ahead and look for these shoes today. Available from White Stag.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Beauty Shortcuts

Here are a few tips to look beautiful that do not take more than 5 minutes to accomplish:

1. Sweep on blush
2. Hide fine lines
3. Curl your lashes
4. Brighten your eyes

Sweep on blush
Blush is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to get a glow. Simply swipe on a powder formula that works with your skin and you will look great.
You do not want to pick one that is too matte because it will be dulling to your skin. On the same note you do not want to pick one that is too shiny because you do not want to look like a shimmery doll.

Hide fine lines
You can tap on some illuminating eye cream to smooth your skin in an instant. This intense cream goes deep to moisturize the skin and leaves your skin looking great in just a few seconds.

Curl your lashes
Another way to instantly brighten up your face is to use an eyelash curler. Just remember to start at the base and squeeze gently. Release the handle before you try to open your eyes so that you do not have any accidents.

Brighten your eyes
You can use a white eye liner to line the inside rim of your eyes. This instantly makes your eyes look whiter and brighter and you look more beautiful.