Tuesday, November 6, 2012

False Eyelashes Made Easy

Hello Divas!!!

I know that some of you just LOVE your false eyelashes and cannot imagine leaving the house without them.

For the rest of us...falsies are a bit scary as the application with the glue is not very easy. To the rescue: Kiss Eyelashes with Applicator Strings.

Yes I know it sounds a bit strange ......and may bring up memories of tampons and their associated strings but I assure you this has nothing to do with that.

The eyelash strips come with handy applicator strings that help even the most challenged make up wearer to guide the lashes for a better fit.

All you do is apply the adhesive to the lash (you can't get away from that glue) and wait until the glue becomes tacky.

This usually takes about 1 minute so you can practice aligning your lash strips in the mean time. Then you hold on to the strings and gently place the strip along your lash line starting from the OUTER edge of the eye.

You work your way in and then tap the lash strip down in place. Once the lashes have fully dried you just tug on the strings and they pop right off!!!!

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