Thursday, December 15, 2016

Candle Review: Black Pepper Bergamot

Hello Divas!

Today I have a review of the Black Pepper Bergamot candle from Bath and Body Works.

First of all this candle comes in a marbled glass that is quite a different look from traditional BBW candles. The design does not seem to be a sticker on the container..but just flows seamlessly all around.

The notes on the candle are:
- Fresh bergamot
- Black peppercorn
- Lavender leaf

What I get from it is definitely a peppery scent but not one that is overpowering. It is slightly more masculine scent as in it will please a male's sense of scent. It is not a cologne type scent and not something that you simply invoke the image of a male. It is something that I think you could burn around a guy and not have him worry that it is too feminine.

I do not get a strong scent of lavender, so I guess it is blending with the bergamot in this candle.

The candle smells good when unlit and is fabulous when lit.

This is a great scent and you should try it out.

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