Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cute Shoes from White Stag

Now I know that a lot of you may be thinking that White Stag is not a high end brand when it comes to shoes.

You would be correct at that. But the thing here is to get a great looking pair of shoes that ALSO feel good. I found the perfect mesh in these two desires with a pair of shoes from White Stag.

They were on sale at WalMart but the comfort and the style just cannot be beaten. These shoes have a stacked heel, which gives the perfect height, but still feels comfortable enough to run in.

They are black and have a great look and feel. The shoes are comfortable enough for work, where I have a job that requires me stand quite a bit during the day.

The shoes also look very classy and professional, but they feel almost as comfortable as a pair of sneakers.

Go ahead and look for these shoes today. Available from White Stag.

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