Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What I learned from Oprah and Dr. Oz

Tonight on Oprah, Dr. Oz was talking about some things you could do to take years off your real age. He spoke about using olive oil and I learned one interesting thing.

Apparently both Oprah and I have been using olive oil wrong all this time. We thought that just using olive oil was a great idea so we were both frying things in it.

It turns out that using olive oil to fry things is a bad idea because heating the olive oil up to the degree needed for frying destroys the healthy stuff in it.

Dr. Oz says if you need to use the oil and you must have fried food then you need to coat the food with the oil first, and then throw it into the already heated pan. That way the oil has less time in the heat and it will retain more of its heart healthy nutrients.

I also learned that if you are taking a multivitamin for your general health and to improve the look of skin and hair then you should break the pill in two.

Take one piece in the morning and the other piece in the night. This regulates the amount of vitamins that your body gets throughout the day and it leads to more efficient use of your pills.

Thanks for the tips Dr. Oz!

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