Saturday, August 23, 2008

Get Your Diva Beauty Sleep

Hello Divas.

I have been running about busy, busy, busy and I have not been sleeping well at all. Now we all know that to be a Diva you NEED to get your beauty sleep.

However for those times when you just cannot get all the rest you need you will need some tools to fake that well rested look. We will talk about that another time though.

First you need to make your bedroom your sanctuary. You will need a few items to spruce up your sleeping quarters and make them a place that is truly fit for a Diva.

(all images are clickable and you can purchase directly from if you find something you like)

You do not have to have the biggest bed in the world to pamper yourself when you sleep. All you need is to make sure that it is comfortable for you when you lie down so that you can make the best of your rest.

A real Diva MUST have a memory foam pillow. While these are a bit more pricey than regular pillows they are in investment that is well worth it. The first time I slept on a memory foam pillow I almost lost my mind.

It felt so good that I wished that I had a memory foam bed to sleep in....but that is way beyond my means right now. I got one of these pillows from WalMart but you can order it through this link from Amazon and get it shipped to you.

These are just two of the things a Diva needs to make her bedroom a sanctuary. What do you use to make your boudoir better?

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