Wednesday, November 12, 2008

F*^&%$ Up My Armpits

Hello Divas!

I have gone through many trials and tribulations with trying to lighten my armpits and all the issues that happened with that.

Now I have gone and TOTALLY f*^%$# up my armpits with this new antiperspirant.

Not only do I have ugly dark underarms, I also perspire a lot. As a result I have to use those clinical strength antiperspirants.

It gets EVEN better. I have sensitive skin and for some reason when I use a product for a while it no longer works, so I have to use something different.

I have normally been using Dove and Secret and they have been working well. The two that I have were about to run out so I decided to try out this new antiperspirant that I had just gotten.

I should have stuck with what I know.

I used it one day to go to work and noticed that
1. It did not keep me as dry as the others and
2. My armpits felt a little bit itchy.

By the time I got home from work my armpits were VERY itchy so I took a shower. I noticed some little bumps under my arm so I went to sleep without putting anything on. Of course the next day I had to go to work so I squeezed a little bit of Dove out and went to work.

This is what my pits look like three days later.Not sure if you can see the bumps....but they are there and they itch and burn.

As soon as I got home I took a shower again to give my pits some time to recover. I have been through this before and the only thing that works is to not wear anything while I am at home because I can sweat as much as I want and there is no one to notice.

Looks like I am in for a week of peeling and itching and burning. I guess it is time to stock up on Dove and Secret so I can avoid this happening again.


childstar said...

hi I'm new here... I actually signed up just to help you!

nway, if you can afford it, and I'm sure you've heard of Amira Magic Cream (if you're from the Phils.). It costs Php 750 / bottle of 60g. I swear by it's wonders!

Also, if you sweat a lot then save up to have your armpits "botoxed". What it does is it kinda freezes the sweat glands or something = dry pits. Maybe not completely dry but just moist. =)

Hope my tips will help.

Please stop shving, plucking & waxing for 1 month while using Amira magic cream. Just try to bear with it for one month. Or maybe just shave it lightly, not too close to the skin, after 2 weeks of first application.

Oh, shave on day 1 morning, Apply Amira, day 2 (morning after). Apply Amira day & night. Shave lightly on the 14th day. Stop on the 30th day of application. Rest armpits for 1 month. Use Kojic cream for 30 days as well then switch back to Amira.

Anonymous said...

i have the same problem, mine are really itchy sore and feel like they are burning. what deodrent did you change too may i ask?

Diva In Training said...

@ Anonymous, I went back to using my Dove and Secret Clinical.

Anonymous said...


I have the same problem, my underarms are also ultra sensitive. I haven't had the chance to read all the posts but have you tried Dermadoctor Total NonScents Ultra-Gentle Brightening Antiperspirant? I also read about another product called MediLiten, it's supposed to be a good lightening product, apparently some women even use it for vaginal bleaching....

Anonymous said...

hi sis..try JIAO MING UNDERARM CREAM..its effective antiperspirant, whitener and it will stop the hair growth in your UA..I guess I have uglier and darker UA than yours..but its improving now..I'm using it for 5 days already but you can see results in as fast as 3 days...Just try sis..and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

@ childstar: where can i buy this amira magic cream? or the jiao ming underarm cream

Anonymous said...

I used to suffer from excessive sweating under my arms I went to my derm who precribed me robinul and hydroquinone 4% now i never sweat and my underarm discloration is clearing up Also some days you need to moisturize that area with olive oil I alternate days betwwen hydroquinone and olive oil If you continue with harsh chemicals and no moisture the problem will only get worst ... skin needs moisture too

BabyKai said...

trust me on human nature's beauty oil... it works... u can look around the internet and read reviews on the product :) you can go to .. for sure it will not f**#&$^ your armpits.. u gotta wait for a month though to see results... it's organic as well :)really worked on my pits :)

RAE said...

Hey...i have similar problems with my i consulted the dermatologist and after checking my armpits she gave me the following outlines:
1) use CANDID powder for the underarms....results:perspiration and bumps reduced...under arms got fairer. donot use antiperspirant at all.

2) use a soap which contains high amounts of glycerin...i used life worked well.

3) donot spray perfumes on ur under arms instead apply them on the clothes or on ur neck.

4) reduce weight...i was a bit healthy...sometimes she said that obesity also causes dark skin patches.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I think you probably had glandular fever. That rash in the picture is a classic sign. It's obviously been over 3 years since your post, but the itch followed by the rash you've shown, shows an auto immune problem. Your glands are trying to fight off an infection of some kind, most probably glandular fever. I doubt it's due to your deodorant.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I hope you get to read my comment to you as I have the same problem as yours. (Your posts were like back in 2008 and I hope you still use this site). Anyways I hated my underarms and I could never wear any sleeveless shirts so I started google back in March if there's any cure to this that doesn't need going to any dermatologist and pay thousands of bucks.

And FORTUNATELY! I found the cure to our problem! I'm so happy to share this to you as this worked so well with me.

The product I've been using is Xtreme Brite Gel since March 2012 (it's already late May now)
This is the link

It worked so well (at such very cheap price) and now my underarms are alot lighter! You would notice the changes 1-2 weeks after you applied it.

I recommend to use it twice a day (before you go to work and before you sleep). I don't recommend you to use deodorant while using this product. As yknow, deodorants have chemicals in it. But! no worries since this gel has a good smell, it can act as your deodorant. I wax my underarms too and got no problem.

After 2 months of using it (I'm on my 3rd tube now), my underarm skin is alot lighter. There are still darker spots but hey it works. A few more applying to do, I guess.

Sadly it has a side effect, I noticed that there were some red patches (like pimples) growing out on my underarms. I think it's the bleaching effect (my skin is getting irritate at some point) but in any case, that's the least of my problems now. LOL. Nevertheless, just like any other pimples, if you just let them there (no popping them out or any crazy things people do with their pimples), they will be gone in no time :))

Should you have any questions about this product I guess, you can email me at

I hope this xtreme brite get is the solution to your problem just like it was like a heaven sent to me :)) Good luck!