Monday, November 3, 2008

Quick Diva Tips: Shorter Shampoo

Hello Divas!

Welcome to the Diva Tip of the Day. Today we will talk about Shorter Shampoos.

Now this does not mean that you do not take the time to properly wash your hair. It just means that you do not need to have the marathon shampoo EVERY day. If you wash your hair every day then you can cut down the time by simply shampooing the roots when you are in a hurry.

Let the shampoo run down the ends of the hair while you bathe and then let them rinse off while you rinse off.

This lets your hair clean up quickly and you can spend longer on the days when you do have time. I am especially loving Pantene Beautiful lengths right now and you might want to check it out too.


mharms said...

I have long hair and I have flakes. What should I do with this since it is starting to get cold again and my hair is shredding too.

liza said...

great tip! i've always done marathon shampoo everyday. i'll follow your advice ;)

thanks for stopping by and the additional input ;)


Diva In Training said...

@ Mharms
All I can suggest is to shampoo your hair less often. I only do twice a week.

Use a protein builder (you can get them at Sally's) to strengthen your hair and deep condition with a moisture restoring treatment once a week.

Your flakes might be caused by dry take fish oil supplements and use a conditioner on your scalp to keep it moist.