Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Party Eye Makeup

Hello Divas!

As we prepare to ring in the New Year I know that many of us will be going to some fabulous parties.

Here are a few last minute party makeup tips so that you look your usual gorgeous self.

Conventional wisdom told us to wear a certain eye shadow with a color that is different from your natural eye color to make your eyes pop. This was because shadows were often thick and chalky and were hard to blend well.

The new eye shadow formulas are now so light that you can wear a lot of it still not look fake. For this New Year I give you the following tips

Brown Eyes

Wear copper, gold or bronze eye shadow.

(image from

This is a lovely way to warm up your brown eyes even more without looking overdone.

Blue Eyes

Wear deep blue, silver or violet shadow.

(image from

Wearing this violet shade brings out the blue in her eyes even more.
The cool tones in the shadow make your blue look even brighter and you look more like a DIVA!!!

Green or Hazel Eyes

Wear various shades of green shadow.

(image from

The green serves as an extension of her natural eye color, making the eye look bigger and brighter.

So what are your makeup tips for the parties?

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