Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Love My MaxiGlide

I am sure many of you Divas have seen the commercials for MaxiGlide. It is a hair straightener that steams your hair while making it straight.

I bought one recently and I must say that I LOVE it.

This gets my hair really straight and it looks even better than when I use a flat iron. The only thing I don't like about it is that the iron is a bit heavier than my regular curling irons.

The MaxiGlide has a flat side to flatten and smooth out the hair and the other side has pins that comb out the hair as you heat it. This detangles and separates the hair for better heat distribution.

I only use the MaxiGlide once a week and then wrap my hair the rest of the time and my hair looks as good all week as it did on the first day.

It was a bit more expensive but it is worth the price. I guess since it is heavy I can also look at that as a positive since my arm gets a workout as well!!!!!

What is your best hair straightening tool?


Kat C. said...

I'm a klutz, i have no idea how to use a hair straightener i swear. hmmm. tutorial please?

katch05 at gmail dot com

zomgWATAbarbie said...

wow well I bought 2 of those and I hate the fact that it takes foreverrrr to heat up and it's kind of bulgy. The heat is good I would guarantee that the kiyoseki would be alot better or a pro nano babyliss straightener. If you use chi infusion products with either straightener, i guarantee to you that you will have straight hair eventually even when its wet. My friend complains because she can't curl her hair no moreee.