Saturday, September 12, 2009

Using A Neti Pot

Hello Divas!

I have been hearing a lot about the Neti Pot from various sources like Dr. Oz on Oprah and other talk shows. I have heard that it is a very effective way to help with certain diseases as it flushes out buildup from your sinuses.

Nasal irrigation is supposed to help

1. Reduce and eliminate sinus problems

2. Clear your head to promote a feeling of well being

3. Moisturize the sinuses properly and help fend off irritation.

It does this by flushing your sinuses and nasal passages with a saline solution which helps to break up and then wash away any buildup of mucus and allergens that you are not able to reach during your normal nose cleaning routine.

I got a Neti Pot and decided to try it to see how easy to use it would feel and also to see if I would feel any different.

I followed the instructions which were to
1. warm up the water for use

2. add the saline solution (provided in a sterile packet)

3. tilt head to the side and breathe through mouth

4. experience the cleaning

I must admit that I was a bit afraid as I thought I would be inhaling the water or something but that did not happen. When I first got the water flowing it did not come out immediately and I thought I was doing it wrong....what I did not realize is that I had to wait a few seconds for the water to go all the way through my sinuses and then start coming out of the other nostril.

I usually wake up with a stuffy nose every day and I clean my nose with Q-tips every morning. I cleaned my nose that night and used the Neti Pot and woke up the next day and was not stuffy at all. The following night I went to bed after using the Neti Pot but without using the Q-tips and woke up without the stuffy nose.

The third night I used only the Q-tips and not the Neti Pot and ...I was stuffy again. I am going to do a few more trials but I think I will stick to using my Neti Pot for now.

Have you tried nasal irriation either with a Neti Pot or some other device?

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