Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Long Nails: Sexy Or Scary?

I have been seeing some REALLY long nails on women lately. At first it was only on the fingers but they are now getting these talons attached to toes as well.

What do you think of the super long nail trend?

Is it sexy or is it scary?


Angie said...

definitely uber scary

Kiana said...

It depends on how long it is.. if 'super long' is like- an inch past the fingers- then .. scary.. if its longer, def. scary... just approx. cm past the fingertip is fine to me- I'm trying to get my nails to grow, but..they won't. Plus, I have a bad nail-biting habit >.<

Anya said...

i think they r sexy and scary..if thier too long then it just looks like u dont take care of urself but i think medium long can look sexy and professional