Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beauty Tip Of The Day: Buy Perfume In Small Bottles

Hello Divas!

The beauty tip of the day is to Buy Perfume In Small Bottles. I know it makes financial sense to buy a larger bottle because you get a lower price per ounce.

However you only use a small amount of scent each time you more than TWO sprays right!!!!!

This means that air gets into the bottle and that changes the fragrance over time. Have you noticed that after a few months your favorite perfume no longer smells as nice but tends to smell either more like alcohol or just like a cheaper scent.

That is because air is in the bottle and is changing the chemical composition.

So the best way to preserve your scent is to buy a smaller bottle that will get used up faster. Yes it might be more expensive to buy the smaller bottle but you end up saving because you no longer have to throw out perfume that has gone bad.

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sparkleshinemagic said...

Thanks for the beauty.It makes a lot of sense.I was just blog walking and came across yours and im glad i did and hitted the follow button :D Btw i im new to blogger and have barely an followers so could you please check out my blog thank you :D