Thursday, July 22, 2010

Loving My New "George" Panties

Hello Divas!
Part of being a diva is looking good and presenting a great look to the world. However, a true diva takes it to the layers closest to the skin as well.
This is why I am LOVING the new 'George' brand panties from Walmart. Well they are not 'new' because I am seeing that Walmart is already getting ready to stop carrying them but they are new to me since I just stumbled on them.
I got the thongs first and they are truly the MOST comfortable thong ever. Now I normally hate thongs because they rub and move about or they are tight on the hips but these really stay in place.

The bikini bottoms are even more comfortable and the lace is so soft that you feel like you are not wearing anything at all.

Since the entire garment is made of that lacey material it gives your lady bits room to breathe and lets fresh air circulate.

The thing I found is that you need to get one size smaller in the thong than in the bikini for a great fit.

I bought one of each to try out and wore them on a normal day to get a good feeling....and I am now running out to snatch up as many of them as I can.

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Ray said...

I too have discovered George brand panties. I wear the nylon full briefs all the time. The silky nylon feels good on my body and the full front supports a fellow very well. They come in lovely pastel coloours: yellow, pink, and blue.