Monday, September 20, 2010

Grrrrr My Right Armpit Is WORSE Than EVER!!!! Thanks Degree!!!!

So I was running out of antiperspirant and normally use Secret or Dove clinical because I sweat so much. I decided to get Degree coz the others were all out on the shelf...used the Degree ONE morning to go to work and my armpits started itching and burning about halfway through the day.

Got home and washed it off but by then the right was swollen and bleeding.

The swelling went down on the left one but the right stayed swollen for the next day and it is now DARKER than ever.

I am not happy at all. No pics of this because it is so terrible.


Anonymous said...

really sorry to hear that

try to use deodorant without aluminum it will help you in the sweats problems


lei said...

try putting a cold compress (or ice) on your swollen armpit. apply an over-the counter antibiotic ointment (neosporin or any generic antibiotic ointment will do) overnight to prevent bacterial infection, plus it will heal faster. if you can do this all weekend, the better! the antibiotic ointment of course will not keep you from sweating but will prevent your armpit from getting stinky. btw, wear a tanktop or sleeveless shirt when you do this, and try to keep your arms up when in bed to decrease sweating overnite.

Claire M said...

ouch.poor you.xx

fluffy said...

im so sorry to hear that!
i've been reading your post about lightening your armpit and was upset that you've been trying since 08! am suffering the same fate as you, was searching online for a solution hoping lemons will do wonder, but no.. =( need help...

materialGIRL said...

hi! i can relate to ur problem cos my underarms have been dark since i was 12. thanks to puberty and sweat i guess. over the years it has become a little lighter. have u tried these:

- stop the sweating with Maxim Anti-Perspirant (
- vitamin c
(Body Shop has a line of vitamin C products -

first use the anti perspirant at night and then during the day rub the vitamin c serum/mixture under ur arms.

i have a blog too with pics if u wanna see pics n know what ive been going through (

it seems to work for me.

Savahna said...

Hey Diva,

I have the perfect solution for you. I used to suffer from dark underarms as well. Like you, I quit shaving and started waxing and noticed my skin started to look a lot lighter, however not as light as I wanted. Then I stopped using my Secret deodarant and bought an all natural alternative; Muddy H20 Pit Powder. I sweat a lot and can get stinky easily, but this powder really helps. I also made my own exfoliant; virgin olive oil mixed w/ sugar and I scrub my armpits w/ that everyday. My armpits are now the same color as the rest of my body!!! I hope this works for you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I stumbled across your blog while searching about the same issue. (My post is pretty much the same Savahna’s above. I am glad that the Muddy H20 is working for her. I also use a home made scrub of olive oil and sugar) I sell Norwex products and one day decided to order their Crystal deodorant to use, as I like to use as many natural products as I can and just don’t like all the chemicals in deodorants . (Although along with what I discovered below I want to try Muddy H2O deodorant
I hope I can order this in Canada. )
So my Norwex order comes along and I am delighted as they had been out of stock for some time.
I went to work and mentioned to one of my friends there (who is Filipino) that I had bought this product to try out. She is really knowledgeable about lots of things, loves to research. She is also into Norwex and natural products. She told me that if I had dark underarms that the Crystal deodorant would also lighten them! As well as other dark areas of your body! She said that they have a stone in the Philippines’ that is the same and they use it all the time, and nice white underarms! What a bonus I never wear shirts without some sort of sleeve to hide my underarms! I have been using it now for about a week, and I have to say that it seems to be working. I wish I had taken before and after pics. I am going to stop shaving now too, to see if that helps more. Not looking forward to the waxing! I can’t guarantee that it will work for everyone, as I guess we are all different.
The price is $12.99 Canadian plus taxes, shipping/handling charges. If anyone who reads this lives in Canada and, more specifically Manitoba, would like to order you can email me at And I can place an order for you or I can give contact info for a consultant in your area.
If you are in the USA you can go to to locate a consultant near you to order.
You can also check out my blog here:
I wrote this post awhile ago and have just have time to post a few weeks later. This has helped with the dark areas of my body. My underarms are noticeably lighter! I still have the outer areas that are a bit darker than the inner section, but overall still lighter.

Anonymous said...


zel said...

Hi there! I used to have dark armpits too, but after I tried to peel them,I never had any more problems. :) Try purchasing a small bottle of green peeling oil, or a tca peeling solution. Just follow the instructions. Im also using liquid aluminum chloride as my deodorant. :)

Anonymous said...

any updates? progress?

Anonymous said...

Have you considered any dermatological procedures like diamond peel?

Anonymous said...

Have you considered any dermatological procedures like diamond peel?

Diva In Training said...

I am in school right now and do not have money for professional treatment to get it worked on.