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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dermatologist's Advice For Dark Underarms

Hello Divas

So I went to see a pr0fessional about my dark armpits and she told me that before they could do anything about the color they had to deal with the excessive sweating, also called hyperhydrosis.

She gave me a regimen that I am supposed to follow for the next month and then come back to see her and I really hope that this helps.

The first thing I am supposed to do is to use Certain Dri antiperspirant at night to shrink my pores and stop the sweating.

The next thing I am supposed to do is to apply Zeasorb powder over my regular antiperspirant during the day.

So far I have not noticed any change but after reading the reviews I saw that some people said it took about three weeks of continuous use for the sweating to be reduced. Some others said they never saw a change in the sweating. Still others said that the Certain Dri gave them a rash or something.

I have noticed that it does feel strong so I am going to use it every other night because it does tend to irritate my armpits.

The Zeasorb powder is also not being used every day because it causes me to itch....I read that it was made for athletes foot!!!! What, does the doctor think I have athletes foot under my arms?


OSeƱorita said...

I think they have the same treatment as with athlete's foot. the powder is used to treat excessive sweating, the same with the feet as with athlete's foot.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, you've great humour!
Made me crackled. I will soon be visiting the nearest pharmacy and consult them regarding my dark underarms... What products have you bought from the pharmacy to apply underarm and didn't work?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you have to use the solid and not the roll-on deodorant at night? I think the one you got is for daytime use :) I could be wrong though.

Anonymous said...

have you tried this....see link

I'll start trying it this weekend so we'll see if that works.

Diva In Training said...

Yes the dermatologist told me to use the solid one for night time and it says so on the box as well. The roll on may cause more irritation on sensitive skin and she knows I have sensitive skin so the solid is better for me.

Anonymous said...

You're my hero! Thanks so much for posting this online. It felt like I was the only one in the world with this problem. Please continue to post about this until you find a solution because it gives me hope :)

Anonymous said...

have you considered undergoing jet peel or skin master?

Anonymous said...

I first started using Certain Dri about five years ago. It gave me the discoloration that exists in my underarms to this day...and I've tried so many things to get rid of that discoloration that it's not even funny. It's not for those with sensitive skin, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

hi, just trying to help. maybe instead of using harsh ingredients for your pits ti whiten, you can try a different approach. my friend told me before, she uses moisturizer at night. just some mild moisturizer. not even a whitening one. so maybe you can try it. maybe your pits are dark because its too dry... just try putting moisturizer at night, and if youre not going anywhere, refrain putting deo on your pits.. about the sweating, i really dont know. but the moisturizer worked for me, my mom and my friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Has your dermatologist recommended any good deodorants/anti perspirants?
I have the same problems as you ):
Also, are dark underarms caused by hormonal changes?

Diva In Training said...

Yes the solid is for night time use.

I have tried Hydroquinone lightening creams and they did not work at all.

Coco said...

hello i have the same exact problem too!!!!!! I went to a derm and they gave me some strong topical pigment stuff with kojic acid and all that good stuff. Used it for three months and NOTHING it was expensive too, £75 and a had to get it twice.

Anyway now I'm going to another derm and doing microdermabrasion I've only had one treatment, they said you have to wait a few treatments but still I highly doubt its going to work! i started researching online about it (I wish I did this before) and apparently its just for mild stuff. Arrrrghhh i'm so frecking angry at the dermatologist for suckering me into this with her one day only discount, for my next treatment I'm going to go and demand that she tell me exactly how light it will get and if there isn't going to be a significant diffrence then why the hell am i paying £400 for it!!!!!!

Why do I have this problem!!!

Olivia said...

Hi there, really appreciate ur brave entries on ur quest to whiter underarms. I have also suffered from the condition since puberty. Btw i am already 30 & still embarrassed to wear sleeveless. >..< I am ordering a whitening peeling set soon & will update u on the progress. Cheers to whiter underarms.

Bhargavi said...

Hey try xtremebrite gel :) It really works :D

Diva In Training said...

Dear Coco....the dermatologist I spoke to told me that microdermabrasion would not work for me so she was not even going to suggest it at all.

Anonymous said...

Hi, go on youtube and look up "Extreme Brite brightening gel". There is a girl that used that for 2 mos (she has a before and after video) and the result is very impressive. I just started using the gel 2 days ago ($16 free shipping from Amazon) so hopefully it will work for me too.

materialGIRL said...

hi Diva In Training...from your pics i can tell that your underarms r looking lighter. From experience, i think all those trials & errors help to some extent...even if its a slight change :|

do not give up *hugs

Diva In Training said...

Thank you MaterialGirl....the problem now is that since I quit using each thing I don't know WHICH one of them actually made any difference.

materialGIRL said...

I have/had hyperhidrosis. I used Maxim deodorant and it worked for me..u will stop sweating in three days. then u just use it alternate days. u can check our their website:

it does help lighten my underarms. sweating sux!

Anonymous said...

i used to have a very rough and kind of grayish armpits. i tried like a herbal soap, i forgot the name though. it said it will smoothen the underarm. after using it the very first time, it started to itch. i didnt think that it was because of the soap, just scratched it a few times. when i got home, i was shocked to see how my underarm looked like. there are bumps that looked like little pimples. so itchy that i cant stop scratching. eventually i stopped using the soap but the itching didnt stop. i still scratched it coz i cant help it. after 3 days to my disbelief, it has gotten darker. so i seeked the assistance of a dermatologist, she prescribed a cream that stopped the itching but has a side effect of making the bumps darker. when the bumps disappear. my armpits looked like a ball of dark skin. she then prescribed hydrocortisone and physiogel. and after a week the black skin became brown. i'm from philippines so if you buy hydrocortisone, buy the generic one. try using the physiogel minimally since it's kind of expensive for me.

my advise is to not easily believe what certain products say specially herbal products that are not actually tested dermatologically and when you consult a dermatologist, try searching the net for the solutions they prescribed, check if there is an alternative that can be bought at a pharmacy. since if you buy directly from the dermatologist it's quite pricey!

hope this helps. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Just wanna share a little 'solution' I came up with to deal with my dark underarms. It's temporary though, but at least it allows me to go sleeveless without hugging myself the entire time :p
Okay, this may sound crazy but it actually works for me: I covered my pits with makeup. Mineral makeup powder seems to work best. But take note, just like having makeup on the face, it'll be ruined if you start sweating. So what I did was 1) epilate my armpit hair (you may wax too...just don't shave at all cost) 2) use drichlor (anti perspiration solution. It helps stop sweating for at least 1-2 weeks. The application stings like hell the first time round but the pain will subside during subsequent applications) 3) use weekly deodorant wipes (no residue, made up of healthy bacteria that helps remove odour completely for a week)
Once your armpits are hair, odour & sweat free, it'll be so much easier to apply makeup on them :) Hope this helps... At least until you find a permanent solution


Anonymous said...

Hi, I think you are really brave to share this problem with everyone. I find myself in the same position with dark underarms and was wondering if the two products have worked for you? Thanks and good luck!

Reena said...

Hi Diva,
I too had dark underarm problem. I have never put sleeveless dress. Darkness might have occured because of shaving. After seeing your blog and comments i came to know that iam not the one with this problem and got hope that i can lighten my underarms. First i stopped shaving and now i either wax or epilate. Then i tried rubbing lemon, applied baking soda but didnt work. Then i tried one lightening cream with 2 % hydroquinine with no result. Finally i tried Xtreme brite brightening Gel after seeing so many positive reviews for it. I have been using it for a month and the gel lightened my underarms upto 90%. It worked with a combination of applying gel regularly and scrubbing/exfoliating daily. It is a kind of peeling. BTW i bought a sleeveless shirt and waiting for the summer :) Try the product.

Anonymous said...


any updates? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,

I had the same problems not only underarms also in my ingles is so frustrated have these problems with the pigmentation.

After read everydays about a lot possible solutions and without any good result i find the xtreme brightning gel i have 6 days with the product and i can see the changes today i order3d 2 tubes more and i hope have the desired results soon. Please try it this work :D


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