Monday, April 2, 2012

Put On TONS Of Weight Because Of Stress

Hello Divas!

I have been unbelievably stressed out these last few months and stopped eating properly. I also stopped exercising and I am sad to say that not only did I put on the weight I previously had...but I also GAINED some more.

I am 5 ft 3 inches and I weighed in this morning at 167 lbs.

I used to wear a size 5 and I now wear a size 8!!!!!

I am so upset about this and how I let myself go. I feel really terrible and I think I look gross. The thing is the weight is mainly around my stomach because that is how I gain weight.

So I now have the dreaded muffin top...grrrr.

I cannot afford to join a gym now since I am unemployed...and healthy food is a bit expensive. I have no idea what to do now...I can't even afford to buy diet pills because those cost so much as well.

The weather here is really bad right now so I can't even go walking outside for exercise now.

Any tips?


legallykikay said...

hi! i also have problems with my weight and also have a hard time with keeping it down. i'm currently trying exercises by fitness blender on youtube! they're free and no need to pay for diet pills or anything like that. hope this helped!

Diva In Training said...

Thanks for the tips dear. I will certainly have to check it out. How long have you been doing it and have you seen any results yet?

Mina said...

Hey there! I know how hard it is to lose weight. I once weighed 170 pounds and my height is 5'0", so I was terribly overweight! Being a girl, this clearly does not help with my self-esteem. So with the right motivation and MASSIVE amounts of determination, I've slimmed down to 115 pounds and I'm so proud. Stick to your DIET and do CARDIO WORKOUT. I live in the Philippines so rice was always in all of my meals. Now, I'm here in new york working, But I want to lose weight so rice is one of the major things that I had to minimize.

#1) DIET - no amount of exercise would help you lose weight if changes to your diet have not been made.

CALORIE-COUNTING is the way to go..Knowing how much you can eat a day if you're on a diet greatly aids in losing weight.
-Eat like a queen in the morning, like a commoner for lunch, like a pauper for dinner

--So this one had me eating the ff:
Breakfast: Half-rice with a cup of whatevers for breakfast (eggs, hotdogs, you name it)
Lunch: NO RICE, only one cup of whatever's for lunch haha (fish, chicken, beef, only the pork meat, don't eat the fat!!! vegetable dishes)
dinner: no rice and things that are below 200 in calories
(yogurt, fruits like pineapple, apples, oranges, mango, papaya--[tropical fruits are expensive but so are fast food]-- and other fruits)

variation is the key so that you wouldn't get sick of the things you eat and you could ultimately stick to your diet.

#2) CARDIO WORKOUT - you can't locally lose weight (like only losing fat in your stomach) you have to lose the fat all over your body in order for you to lose them gradually from your back, thighs, stomach, chin and wherever! haha

Running and jogging are great and is widely known to raise your heart rate, but they take so long to reach that fat-burning level don't you think? that is why some would quit, or are more prone to laze around.
JUMP ROPE would be an ideal exercise. you can search online for proper techniques on jump roping and stuff. 10 minutes of jump rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging, and that's a fact.
Also for you not to get bored easily, I recommend having a tv or laptop in front of you whenever you're exercising(whether it be on a treadmill, stationary bike, or jump rope) watch any series out there in your device and I tell you, you wouldn't realize that it's already an hour (but don't forget to move! haha) Sometimes I go on my stationary bike and play ps3, jump rope while watching korean/american/british series hahahaha weird, I know, but it works!

#3) Make this a daily routine. Make sure that you exercise all week, even if it's only for an hour, and make one day your resting day.

It's summer, there's a birthday, or there's a night out with friends, and you ate a lot. NOW you hate yourself. Haha those are the thoughts that I had and there are time that I felt like giving up, BUT DON'T! It's alright if you ate a lot for ONE NIGHT. But don't overdo it. Make sure to work extra hard the next day on your exercise.

#4)LOSING WEIGHT is a GRADUAL process. It's not overnight. I had 5 months to get to where I am now.

#5) DO NOT, and I tell you, DO NOT SKIP MEALS. It would result to your body going into starvation mode. The next meal you eat would result to a rebound gain in weight and you dont want that!

well..that's about it. I wish you the best in your exercise! You can definitely do it! Nice blog btw! XD

Diva In Training said...

Hi Mina...thanks for the tips. It is so hard to eat right because the 'bad' food tastes so delicious right!!!!

I try but I find myself losing control after about two days.

I have been told I should not eat bread but then I cannot figure out what to have for breakfast if I don't eat bread.

Thanks for sharing your story!!!!