Monday, September 10, 2012

Get Fitted For A Bra

Hello Divas!!!

I recently went to get fitted for a bra because of my weight changes. I found out I was using the wrong bra in both band size and in cup size.

I could not believe the results that I got since they seemed to indicate that my bosom was larger than I thought.

I did  the first fitting at Dillards and then decided to go to Victoria's Secret later on in the day. I got the same results from both places so I guess they are on the right track.

You may be wearing the wrong size bra if any of the following apply:
  • The  band rides up in the back
  • The straps fall off your shoulders
  • The cups gape
  • The center of the front of the bra does not lie flat against your sternum

A good fitting specialist will be able to look at the bra you are currently wearing and tell you which of the problems apply to it if you are wearing the wrong bra.

In any case I am advising you  to and get fitted for a bra to make sure that you are wearing the correct band size and cup size for your breasts.

All you have to do is to to one of the following stores:
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Dillards
and ask for a bra fitting specialist. They will take you into the fitting room and measure you and then have you try on a variety of bras in the cup size and band size that they make you out to be.

The fitting is free and they recommend that you come in for one at least once a year or any time your weight changes.

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