Monday, March 25, 2013

Be A Fabulous Diva On A Limited Budget

Hello Divas!!!
We all want to look great but sometimes that is not the easiest thing to do because we have limited funds and unlimited wants.

You don't actually have to spend a lot to look great. You just need to make very wise purchases and spend the money to get quality where it counts. You need to invest in a good, well made bag but it does not have to be expensive.

I got a bag similar to this one at Sam Moon for under $40 and it serves as my everyday bag. This bag has taken a lot of hits but it still looks good. It is fashionable enough to look nice when I am all dressed up to teach but it also is casual enough to not look out of place when I am wearing jeans and a blouse to go go class.

I am not really into purses but I was told a lady needs to have at least one nice purse and I think this does well for an everyday bag.

This bag is the perfect size to carry one or two textbooks if I need to but it is not too big so I don't feel like I am carrying a giant purse around all the time.

Another thing you can do is to shop the clearance racks when looking for clothes.

Most people seem to forget that the clothes on the clearance rack are the same clothes that were on the regular racks just a couple of weeks ago.

There is nothing wrong with waiting a few weeks for the clothes to go on clearance so that you can pay less. I will ALWAYS head to the clearance racks when I enter a store because I would rather pay $10 for a blouse that has been out for two weeks than to pay the full price of $35 the day it hits the store.

You will still look great....just a little later than the rest of your friends. The only problem with shopping the clearance racks is that you may not get the size you want or the color that you want because of the timing of the clearance.

I say don't worry about that..there are TONS of clearance racks to look through at other stores and you don't need to have every single item that comes out.


Gemma said...

Eee why is there no contact option, I feel silly commenting about this on a post which is not relevent :s

Your blog was one of the first I found in regards to whitening underarms, and I have followed it quite closely since in the hopes you would find the cure, so to speak.

When I first found your blog I was releived to know I was not the only person, but also inspired to do my own experiment.

I cut out all sugar (sans stevia sweetened products) and all refined carbs (rice, bread, pasta) and within 6 months my armpits were 3 shades LIGHTER.

They're still a lil dark, but nothing in comparison to what they once were. I would scrub them red raw when I would shower, in the hopes that it would help (of course it never did).

Just letting you know in case you're interested in trying it for yourself - if you've found anything else let me know :)

Best of luck,


Diva In Training said...

Thanks for your comment you have a blog? If so leave us a link so readers can drop by.

Sadly I have not found a cure yet but I might just try your sugar story. The thing is I am not so sure I have the discipline to cut out bread etc. but I guess if that is what it takes then I will have to go that way.