Monday, December 22, 2014

Love It Or Leave It

Hello Divas!!!!

I have been reflecting on some things in my life and realized that I have kept hold of some things that I do not truly need in my life. This includes not only material things, but also emotions, and people!

I have decided that 2015 will be my Love it or Leave it year.

This means if I do not really truly LOVE something, someone, or some emotion connected to one of those then I will simply LEAVE it behind.

In order to make the transition I think I need to begin right now. This means starting with simple things like cleaning out the closet. I have held on to some clothes that I do not really LOVE because I feel like I need them. This was mostly because I did not have the money to buy new clothes at the level that I would like.

Some of these clothes are simply unflattering or some may even have small imperfections that I really need to just let go of. I am going to begin by throwing away one item for every new item that I have bought.

Some of the clothes have other issues. You all know that I sweat a lot and because of this I have seen some small sweat stains on some shirts. I have tried MANY things to get rid of them but nothing is working.

As for getting rid of people...there have been a few toxic people in my life recently that just need to go. There is one girl in particular who pretends to be my friend when she needs something but then is very unavailable when I am the one in need.

I will have to stop going out of my way to do things for her out of the belief that she really can be a friend. I have to come to terms with the fact that she is using me and since I don't LOVE that relationship I will simply LEAVE it.

I recently bought three new shirts so I need to get rid of three now!!!

I am working on getting a few more things in my life to where they truly bring me joy and I will update you as things fall into place.

What changes are you making for the new year?

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