Saturday, February 21, 2015

I Found a replacement for the Cotton Candy Candle

Hello Divas!!!!

Remember when I found that cotton candy candle that I really loved...and then could not afford because people were selling them for outrageous markups?

Well I have found a new candle with a similar scent and that one is at a better price. It is the Pink Sugar Berry candle from Better Homes and Gardens and it is just amazing!!!
Image result for pink sugar berry candle

This candle has the light and sweet scent that I love and it smells a little bit like cotton candy as well. It is not an exact replacement but it is close enough. I love this candle so much I have been burning it for three hours at a time!

I actually got it at Wally world and I will return to get at least two more because I now see it was a limited edition and I think it may go out of stock really soon.

I also found out that I have been burning my candles wrong sometimes...and is why I end up with the situation where the candle forms a tunnel down the center. I will write about this tunneling and how to prevent or reduce it in an upcoming post.

Until then, what is your favorite candle scent for these months?

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