Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Get better Skin

Soft, smooth skin looks and feels so good. How can we all get better looking skin without spending tons of money and going through painful processes?

The answer just might lie with your bath.
You can take a nice bath with a soothing shower gel like this one and instantly soothe your skin. You will be clean and fresh, without stripping away essential oils from your skin. You do not have to spend 15 minutes in the shower to get clean because that just dehydrates your skin.

After you take your shower or bath it is a great idea to use a lotion to seal in the moisture. I love cocoa butter because it also helps keep marks like scars and stretch marks off your skin.

Simply apply a layer of moisturizing lotion or body butter to your moist skin and you will seal in moisture for the day. No more ashy elbows and knees.

I apply lotion all over my body, even under my feet. It sounds funny but you will see results. People are always telling me I have nice feet.....and it is because I put lotion UNDER my feet. So go it in the privacy of your home and reap the benefits in the form of beautiful skin.

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