Saturday, October 13, 2007

How to keep your Skin looking Great!

Here is something simple that you can do to keep your skin looking great all the time:

Wash your face!
This sounds simple but many people do it the wrong way. You do not need to use harsh soaps on your skin to keep it clean. You can use a gentle cleanser and still get the same effect...but without the drying effects.

My favorite cleanser is from Clean and Clear. This is mild and does not leave my skin feeling tight like some other products have done in the past.

I also use the astringent to get out that last little bit of dirt that always seems to cling to your skin even after you wash it.

To finish out the cleaning routine I make sure to use the moisturizer from Clean and Clear because it contains salycilic acid which is great for preventing new blemishes from forming.

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