Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feng Shui My Way

The art of Feng Shui has been practiced for many years and many believe that it can lead to:
  • Better Health
  • Increased Prosperity and
  • Better Relationships

Feng Shui is simply the art of arranging objects in your surroundings to enhance the flow of energy, which is also called the Chi. There are a few steps that you can take in order to practice Feng Shui and they are very easy to follow.

Step One: Remove Clutter
One of the first things you need to do when attempting to begin Feng Shui is to remove the clutter in your home.

Clutter blocks the flow of positive energy and can even recycle the flow of negative energy, which results in a bad situation for you and your home.

You do not have to throw everything away when you are cleaning up the clutter. Sometimes the things that make up clutter can be put in a new place. To properly manage clutter you can

  • Throw it away
  • Donate it
  • Recycle it
  • Repurpose it

Step Two: Manage your entrance
The point you enter your home is the most important part when taking note of Feng Shui principles because this is the area that people see when they come into your home.

Step Three: Manage your Beauty
Find beautiful things to put in and around your home to make it look better. I recently got a lucky bamboo that I put up in the entrance to my home to make it look better.

The lucky bamboo not only brings a sense of elegance into my home, it is also a symbol of good money flow so I am expecting to see my financial situation improve soon.


Michelle said...

I think even if you don't believe in the actual "hidden" powers of it, the rules of it just lead to a positive mental outlook of your surroundings...no clutter and pretty things always make me feel better!

Beautiful Skin said...

Hey Michelle thanks for dropping by. I think by just getting the plant I am already having a positive outlook so that might lead to a better life.

Do you practice feng shui?