Thursday, April 10, 2008

Got a Lucky Bamboo

Another part of beauty is to surround yourself with beautiful things. I decided to get myself a lucky bamboo which is considered to be good luck.

This is a beautiful plant which grows in a minimalistic way but provides a great deal of serenity and beauty.

While I could not get a picture of my own bamboo I wanted to share a few images with you.

Click to enlarge on FeaturepicsThese plants are easy to care for because they only require a little light and a little bit of water. They do not need constant fussing over, which is great for busy Divas like you and me.

These plants bring good luck to your life and every Diva needs a little luck every now and then.

Get your lucky bamboo now and bring some peace, beauty and good luck to your life today.Click to enlarge on Featurepics


Anonymous said...

I love these plants! I seriously need to get one. When I was at the dentist office yesterday, she had one that was molded into a heart shape and in a heart shape vase. Too cute!

Beautiful Skin said...

I got mine from WalMart. As you can see they grow straight up and down.

You really have to work on them to get them to grow into the fancy shapes.

I think I will just work on having mine stay alive at first and then work on the pretty shapes later on.

pinaywife said...

plants are really wonderful in any room.

feng shui uses plants extensively to purify air which is essential to a good flow of energy to any room.

my husband also says the water element is also essential for health and well-being..

thanks for hopping along my site..