Friday, May 23, 2008

How To Get Great Hair: Deep Condition

As a Diva I know that my hair should always look good. This does not mean that my hair always has to be perfectly styled but it does mean that it has to look nice at all times.

I recently wrote about How To Get Great Hair and noted that it really starts with good nutrition and shampoo and conditioner.

As a black woman I know that one of the major hair issues we face is super dry hair. This can be caused by a number of factors, including but not limited to:
  • Over processing
  • Poor Diet
  • Excessive Heat
  • Product Buildup
One of the best ways to really hydrate your hair (after it has been properly washed) is to deep condition it. I use Neutrogena hair recovery mask to deep condition my hair.

After shampooing, I squeeze the water out of my hair and then slather on the pack of conditioner. I then place a plastic shower cap on my head and use a hair dryer on the highest setting to heat up the head all over for about 5 minutes.

I then go off and do something like play on the computer for about 5 minutes so the conditioner can penetrate, then give it about 5 more minutes of heat. I repeat this cycle until I have had three sessions of heat and then go back into the shower to rinse off the hair.

I am then left with hair that feels silky and soft because it gets a good dose of moisture. I only do this on weekends because that is the time I shampoo my hair. I will sometimes wash my hair one time during the week, but most likely my hair only gets washed on the weekends.

The next steps are to apply a leave in conditioner while the hair is still damp and let it dry. After the hair is dry I will run a flat iron or curling iron through it to completely straighten it out and then wrap it. Please come back as we discuss all these steps in greater detail later on.


Laarni said...

Nice tip! I sometimes get dry hair too. eggh.

Frances said...

The only good thing about having my very very fine hair is that it is simply wash and wear.
It would be nice though to experience some very diva-like hair.

Diva In Training said...

@ Frances:
If your hair is very fine then you can crunch it up with some curl defining gel and that will add some body to it without looking too done up.

Instant diva!!!! Garnier Fructis has a leave in curl enhancer that makes straight hair look great too.

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

Deep conditioning is a must. Great post.