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Monday, May 19, 2008

My Favorite Lip Gloss

I always say that a true Diva ALWAYS wears lip gloss. Lip gloss is the one thing that can instantly make you look better. It makes your face look brighter and gives you a wonderful look without the need for lots of makeup.

As a Diva I always carry a lip gloss with me for touch ups during the day. I recently left my favorite gloss at a friend's house and I decided to try a few different glosses.

Cover Girl Fruit Spritzer
I love America's Next Top Model and they are always talking about the Cover Girl Fruit Spritzers so I decided to give that a try.
I know the picture is a bit funky but that is the best I could do with my phone. This gloss lived up to part of its name in that it was not sticky at all. The gloss went onto my lips in one smooth motion and made them shiny.

I decided to try the lick test and could barely taste the flavor of this 'fruit spritzer'. Now while I am not expecting to be able to eat the lip gloss for desert I did think that I would at least be able to taste the fruit flavor.....but it was disappointing.

I was also not impressed by the color this gloss left on my lips. I bought the watermelon because it was a cute pink shade.....yet I could barely see the color on my lips.

L'oreal Color Juice
This is what I ended up getting again since it offers great color, shine and flavor all in one. I have said that this is my favorite lip gloss because it gives just a hint of color that you can see the difference between my bare lips and when I am wearing the gloss.

I wear a light burst for daily wear and when I am ready to glam it up I simply apply more so I get a rosy lip color. This is the Raspberry Smash flavor which I LOVE because it brings out the Diva in me and always makes me look fabulous!

L'Oreal wins for me any day.


Frances said...

I haven't worn gloss in a long time.
I like the kind that comes with the rubber tipped wand.
I'm putting it on my shopping list.
Stay Beautiful

Diva In Training said...

Frances need to break out the gloss quickly.

You will see how fast it perks you up without the need for heavy makeup.


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