Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Looking For A Logo

Hello Divas!

I am currently looking for a logo for this site. I would like to change the look of the blog a bit since I have been using a free template and it is very boring.

If you know of anyone who does logo design please let me know.

And as fabulous!


TH said...

logo not sure but RSS dollie yes you can check out my blogs. They having them. I got them personalized :)

Web-Betty said...

I dabble :)

Do you have any ideas as to what are you looking for?

Kat Olivares said...

Ms Choco over at does great custom designs.

Diva In Training said...

@ Web Betty
Yes I want a girl on the site to put up in the header. She needs to be sleek and stylish....but not too cartoony.

She needs to look kind of like the girl on this site...
but I want her to have a face you can see.

And also an entrecard widget for the site so I can get rid of the shoes. :-)

@ Kat
thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

You can try .

Creatives will create multiple logo's so you will have from where to choose.