Thursday, October 16, 2008

Divas Need To Declutter Their Purses

Hello Divas!

Every Diva I know has a fabulous purse at her side. Most Divas I know have purses that are WAY too heavy to be cute.

You can have your cute purse and carry the essentials and still be stylish without doing damage. A purse that is too heavy will tug on your shoulders and over time this leads to you being slightly off balance.

NOT cute!

Here are some tips to keep your purse and posture looking great.

Every day:
  • Empty coins
  • Remove waste

  • Remove receipts
  • Check makeup

Keep your purse light and you will do wonders for your posture.


Lori said...

Great tips! I have this massive bag that's, well, empty. A small wallet, iPod, and cell phone and a tube or two of lipstick. It's ridiculous, but the bag's cute, so I carry it empty! LOL

cabinets NJ said...

It may seem easy to most of us but it is surprising to know that there are still those people who cannot even get their purses cleaned or organized. They just put stuff in there, thinking that they might need those but they just occupy space and you might lose something without even noticing it. The same goes with closets and cabinets. We have to make time to sort the things that we put in them so that we will know if we already throw them and make room for new stuff.