Monday, October 6, 2008

Great Hair Begins With A Trim

Hello Divas!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to have my friend work her magic on my hair. I do not like people touching my hair so there are really just a few people who can actually do anything to my hair.

I have been away from my hairdresser for a few months so I have had to do everything on my own. I put in my texturizer and flat iron my hair in my bathroom because I do not trust the hairdressers where I am.

This weekend, the girl who usually works on my hair said that I had some nasty split ends and she needed to trim. I told her to go ahead because I know she always takes great care of my hair.

After I deep conditioned, she blow dried my hair and then proceeded to trim. She cut about 1.5 inches and also fixed my bangs, which were kept long enough to fall just above my eyes.

She used some oil to moisturize my scalp because she said that I have some issues with dryness. Then she used a Chi to straighten out my hair and it looks fabulous!!!!!


OLLIE MCKAY ~ A Chic Boutique For Girls Who Shop and Girls Who Golf ~ And lots of Yada in between~ Enjoy! said...

Yes, the Chi flat irons are the best! My girl uses them on my hair which gets very wavy, curly, frizzy in the humidity. However now that fall is here, my hair looks much sleeker and shiny. I cannot flat iron my hair near as well as the hairdresser, but I try! I recently bought a "Bed Head' turqoise 1 1/2" slim flat iron - love it!!!

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Me too! I just had a hair cut and it brought my hair to life. Every girl needs some pampering once in a while. =)

Diva In Training said...

I wanted to get a CHI but then the lady at Sally's told me how much they cost.

I am not good with a straightening iron so I did not want to spend all that money on something I do not know how to use.

I feel so FABULOUS when my hair looks good. I just wish my hairdresser was closer because I cannot duplicate her work.

Petula said...

Hey... I wanna see! :) I'm sure it looks great.