Friday, May 22, 2009

Mascara giveaway closed

I guess no one wanted the mascara since I did not receive a single comment on that post for the whole week.

The giveaway is now closed but might reopen if there is interest shown later on.

I am still working on the dark armpit situation...since the majority of visitors seem to come to this blog for those posts.


Ana P. S. said...

I would have commented about winning the mascara but I did not get to visit here sooner. Some bloggers must be too busy looking for jobs or trying to make money online to be able to visit here. It is amazing no one commented at all when usually free stuff is great!

Farasa said...

I'd like some mascara! Your blog is amazing, since it addresses problems that most people don't have. White people generally have less problems with dark armpits and other things like that I believe.

Thank you so much for posting these. Even though its tough on you, its giving me hope and comfort that I'm not the only one with gross armpits :)