Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catching Up On Comments...Mascara giveaway AGAIN

Hello Divas!
I recently had a mascara giveaway that was open for one week but no one responded.

Then I closed the giveaway and comments came in DAYS after it was closed.

I guess I will open the giveaway again and enter those three people who responded (even though they were way after the deadline).
You now have until Thursday June 18 to enter for the mascara and I will announce the winner that night.

To be eligible you need to leave a comment saying why this is your favorite mascara OR why you would like to win this if you have never tried it before.

Winner needs to check back and send me your mailing address so I can ship it out.

(catherine, ana p.s. and farasa ........who commented on the post after it was closed I am noting your comments and you ladies will be entered twice and everyone else will get one chance).


diskogal said...

Ohh that wand looks interesting! Is this giveaway open internationally?
If it is, please enter me! I think Lancome produces the best mascaras but they are a bit expensive...

Jasmin said...

Oohh.. awesome! giveaway!

Well, I haven't tried this mascara before, but it looks promising from what I've read from reviews. In addition, it's rimmel! How exciting!

Ana P. S. said...

Thanks for including me. I would be interested to win the mascara since I have not been using any for years now. It would be nice to try again since I also have a new lashes curler. So, I am in.

Farasa said...

thank you thank you thank you for entering me in twice!

I've only owned one tube of mascara in my life and it was the cheap pink tube with green lid type from the grocery store. I have really dark brown eyes and thick eyelashes but they don't curl up. I'm interested in this mascara because this would hopefully add some flair to my face!

Farasa said...

I actually have a problem with my poor dark armpits.

About a month and a half ago I tried tweezing my armpits. I'm not completely sure why I did but I did...

I know people say tweezing hurts, but armpit hair is considered pubic hair so it is thicker than other hair. It didn't hurt much to pluck each hair out individually I thought.

It only occured to me after I had plucked my armpits to look up tweezing online. To my horror it said that tweezing makes armpits darkers and causes chicken skin. I did get prickly and saggy skin though my armpits didn't seem darker.

So just a warning: never ever pluck your armpits!

MissBling said...

hello! i'd like to participate in your giveaway :)

i haven't tried this mascara before but i'd like to as i used to have a rimmel mascara and i loved it! and the brush looks very good, i'd love to see how it works too!

valerie said...

I have never seen a mascara brush like that before! I would love to try it and give my lashes a boost!